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How To Protect Your Body From A Harsh Winter

The cold and wet associated with winter can be a big problem for some people. Not only can it make sidewalks and highways more slippery and dangerous, but it can harm your skin too. The skin is vulnerable when exposed to the rain, snow, and cold temperatures. It can chap, dry and flake. It can even burn in the icy temperatures. Your muscles and joints are also more prone to injury, aches and pains when the temperature plummets. So how can you protect your body from a harsh winter this year?

Wrapping up warm is vital to avoid illness. Letting your body temperature drop too low can cause it to start to shut down. You may feel tired and dizzy. While this is far from common, prolonged exposure to cold air on your lungs can still make vulnerable people quite poorly. Choose warm materials and use layering so you can adjust how warm you are as you move from outdoors to indoors.

Some clothing is better at keeping us warm than others. While tees and vests make great base layers in winter, you really want a long sleeve top or shirt and a wool sweater on top to stay warm. Irish wool sweaters are among the warmest in the world. Best of all, you can find them in stylish designs, so they look good wherever you wear them.

Natural fibers like cotton and wool against the skin are safest when it is sensitive from the cold. Exfoliating or buffing your skin regularly removes the dry, dead cells that leave the newer skin cells prone to sores. Moisturize every day with a good, protective body butter that prevents skin drying out. Soaking in the bath in winter can also be preferable to showers for protecting your skin.

When your neck and back are aching from the cold, it’s important to keep them mobile and moving gently as much as you can. Stiffness from bracing in the cold wind is very common. Use scarfs and hats whenever you can outside. A physio or chiropractor may be able to help alleviate some of the problems. Regular stretching and movement are best to keep muscles and joints working.

Colds are very common when it’s damp and cold out. They can also be worsened by the stress a lot of us feel at this time of year. Complementary therapies work naturally to ease your symptoms of pain and anxiety. They can even help you improve your immune system. Natural remedies for coughs and colds are also preferable to pharmaceutical drugs. However, some coughs are caused by infection and should be treated by your doctor.

Years ago it was difficult to get hold of some of our favorite fruits and vegetables in the winter time. These days, fresh produce is available all year round. This means you can top up on your vitamins and minerals really easy through the winter months. Best of all, they make excellent hot soups to help warm you up from the inside. Enjoy your winter this year with good health.

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