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LG to save the day at London fashion week

Hi Everyone, 

How are you all today?

Well It's London fashion week! I adore London Fashion week and I have to say as a blogger is a very exciting time of the year. I love seeing all the new collections. This is also one of the times I hate being so far away from London. I have been invited to some amazing events but alas I will watch on from my computer screen. I will make a point of going next year!

Have you seen what LG are offering? Its called style saving service. Now if you know me, I am so clumsy, Yes I am that friend, that no matter what, I can and will spill food or drink on my new outfit or get splashed by a passing car on the way to a big event! So when I seen this I was delighted.  

LG offers backstage Steam Team garment care to Londoners throughout London Fashion Week with Style Saving Service #SaveOurStyle

So lets get down to business. Here's what to do if you are in London's W1 area tweet @LGUK with the hashtag #SaveOurStyle in order to arrange a speedy pick-up from LG’s garment carers and receive a replacement item while your is cleaned. This couldn't be simpler. 

Could you imagine you are on your way to a huge event and boom coffee all over your dress. You have spent ages picking this dress, You spent way too much money on it and now you are left looking more fashion fail than a fashionista.  LG to the rescue! A quick tweet and you're on your way to looking good again. 

It's LG's 10th season of looking after the behind the scenes of London fashion week, looking after all the catwalk coutures (not a bad way to spend a week or two). LG thought lets give back to you all and decided to help us all look good and feel like a catwalk model with this initiative service. 

LG Sent me some stats about us brits and I had to share these ones with you 
·         90% won’t tell someone if they’ve experienced a fashion faux pas  such as dropping food down their outfit
·         A third will throw away clothing if it’s stained
·         10% will buy a completely new outfit if they have a food or drink spill

I laughed when I read this as I have done all of theses things. Come on hands up Have you?

Research shows that it’s not what we’re wearing, but how clean and tidy our clothes are that makes us feel good – with troublesome spills and stains seriously interrupting the daily lives of us Brits.

Leading me over to this huge collaboration 

The Amazing Ashley Williams For LG

How much do I want one of these bags! They as so nice!

Don't forget to check out LGs daily Updates from London Fashion week. With all the biggest names and stages London fashion week has to offer. 

For More Info on LG Check out here.

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