Wednesday, 17 January 2018

secure airport parking in Edinburgh review and discount code.

Hi everyone. 

As you may have guessed from my social media we were in Hamburg at the weekend. The trip went well and there will be lots of posts over the next few weeks but I wanted to share a quick post about our airport parking experience. 

We choose to use We have used them before years ago. booking online was super easy and the best bit really affordable. You just enter your details and car reg and pay of course and you are all set. 

Our flight was super early at 7am. So it was up and out the hotel for 530am and off to find the parking. We programmed the satnav to 

Secure Airparks
100 Ingliston Road
EH28 8AU

and this guided us straight to the car park. Here is where the magic happened. We drove up to the barrier and it let us in via AMPR. What is this voodoo? You know you are getting old when this really does amaze you. Next, we picked a parking space. parked up and locked our car. 
You take your keys with you which I think just adds to the security. My husband loved this as he has heard horror stories of cars being driven hundreds of mile from car parks.  Just adding not with secure airparks I must add and not from Edinburgh.

We were lucky we got a space next to the first and last bus stop. We waited about 5 minutes and then hopped on the shuttle.  This only took a few minute to get to the terminal. Yes, I said terminal this the only airport parking in Edinburgh with a bus stance at the terminal.

Our return was equally painless. 
We got off our flight headed straight to the stance H to be collected and the bus was waiting there already. The bus is super clean and lots of room for bags and cases and people. The bus dropped off at a hotel first and then it was our turn. 

It was all very smooth. We jumped in our car and drove to the magic barrier that let us out. We did see staff members in the car park in case you are thinking no one is about there is. 

The lovely people at secure airparks have given me a 10% discount code for you all to use and see the magic for your self. Simply add MSLJB at the checkout.


Tuesday, 16 January 2018

New palm reading app review

Hi everyone, 

How are you all? 

I don't know if you know this about me but I am really interested in spirituality. When I go to visit my mother in law, We attended the spiritualist church and I have had a few tarot reading in my life. 

I was once told as a child I had a gift and if I ever wanted to tap into it to contact them and they would help me. I don't talk about it but I have seen things I can't explain. I believe my old dog is still with me in times I need him. If I am sleepy and my hand is out my bed I can feel him rubbing up against me as if to say its ok I am here. No, it is not my current dogs I know him and I can smell him. ( I have an incredible sense of smell which I thought everyone had)  I love astrology and can get lost reading my horoscopes. 

So when I was approached to check out a palm reading app by I jumped at the chance. 
First things first let's download the app. I'm a Iphone girl. 

palm reading, please. 

Whats my name. 

I choose the free option. This will give me information about my lifeline and my headline. 

You have the option to upgrade to a couple more comprehensive readings. I'm very tempted with the full £11.99 option but hold my self back. As its a bit expensive but I might treat myself another month. Everyones poor in January right? 

at this stage, it uses the front-facing camera to take a picture of your palm. 
It has a very handy guide on the screen. I would recommend doing this with your phone. I used my Ipad and it was quite hards to do, with little hands. This is quick and easy and detects your palm. 
then it generates your report. 

My reading 

Thinking for myself. 
It says I form my own opinion of people and this is very true. I like to make my
own judgement of people. 

Next Health and fitness. 

this hits the nail on the head 
It tells me I am no slob and do look after my self but could improve To boost my health energy and general well being. It says I struggle to find motivation sometimes and this is true with my depression and anxiety. 
I need to push myself hard to get greater results. true. 

It suggests I will have a long life and recommend I upgrade for further details 

Next up money and career. 

it says I am no stranger to financial strain. very true thought out childhood and in my early 20s 
I have been struggling to completely commit to going self-employed and this is spot on. 

I am destined to not work a 9-5 job. Yes, this is true of most of the jobs I have done. 

financial opportunity will come my way in abundance. I will wait and see on that one. 


You have the option to read yesterdays today and tomorrow. 
today is going to be a tough day for me as I will have self-doubt. nothing unusual there then. 
it tells me to try and get a grip on my feeling and I know this can be very true. 

At first, I was very sceptical of this app. How can an app really be able to do this? but I have been pleasantly surprised. I really like the format of the app, it's super easy to use and pretty accurate. I will definitely have a full reading soon. I recommend you all go and try it out. 
Even if you are a sceptic go have a shot and let me know how you get on Its free so nothing lost is nothing gained right?   

Wednesday, 10 January 2018

Taking Your Parents Gracefully Into Old Age

Hi everyone,

How are you all?

Our parents are people who deserve the world! They made us laugh, and cry, and created a childhood of magic and support when we were younger, and now they’re looking for the same kind of help in return. Even if they’re incredibly independent and are determined to stay that way, there are many little ways you can help them out as well! So we all know we can take ourselves into the more twilight years with ease, as gracefully or disgracefully as we like.Yet when it comes to our parents, they may be just a little more traditional about it! Here are some ideas on living life with aging relatives, and how good it can actually be.

Relieving Any Stress that May Be Involved

Everyone can get stressed from time to time, and a lot of the time these stressful feelings can do damage to our health. Multiple psychological studies have looked into the phenomena and as a result we have a lot better consideration for anyone who is a caregiver and for anyone who is being cared for.

So make sure you still do stuff together and enjoy your time around each other. Our mothers and fathers can be our best friends, after all, so spend time with them the way you would your closest pals. Laughing together, for example, is such a simple yet effective move, and it’s easy to find something enjoyable to watch on the TV or read about on the internet that can do that for you.

Taking the Necessary Care and Attention

Our parents were our worlds when we were young, and now that they’re older they need much of the same care we received as toddlers, children, and even as teenagers. Even just calling a relative every week or every other day can make so much difference, so don’t underestimate the power of simple actions!

Even if you can’t keep up with the amount of attention someone who’s planning to age gracefully needs doesn’t mean you’re selfish. If you take some time out of your schedule and refit your life and own needs around helping someone else, you’re doing a great job! We all need looking after at the end of the day, and it’s not healthy for anyone if you can’t do that for yourself.

Don’t worry if you can’t keep up with the care the people you love may need as they get older; it doesn’t make you a bad child and it doesn’t mean you care any less! When it comes to it, elder care services exist to soothe these worries and to make life easier for everyone involved, so your fears are usually unfounded! Even just a bit of home help every now and then can lessen the load and make sure you’re still feeling as helpful as possible.

Do what you can for your parents and do let guilt get in the way of the enjoyment there is there! There’s so much fun you can have together!

Using Colour in the Kitchen

Hi everyone

How are you all?

let's talk kitchens A good way to lift your mood is using colour around your house so it can be a great feature if you want to add extra flair and dynamic to your kitchen’s design.

Kitchens do generally tend to be a white or cream shade, but adding a bespoke colour scheme, or a hand-painted bespoke design, can really bring life to your kitchen. Together with Harvey Jones, specialists in bespoke fitted kitchens, we explore how you can add an extra layer of colour to your kitchen design.

Redefine what is neutral

Where do we start? The ‘new neutrals’ will be bold plumbs, rich reds if you’re looking to make a statement. As well as these colours, soft greys, warm stone and pale blues are also great choices if you’re looking to create a more original setting in the kitchen.
If your feeling bold, then why not try neon pink alongside a pale blue or warm stone; these shades will also go well with most worktops – and you’ll be able to update these surfaces as your tastes change with the same colours.
Neutral colours do tend to look different depending on the lighting in the room and they are susceptible to change throughout the day. Fresh by day, welcoming by night – you can always take advantage of your colour scheme depending upon the mood and ambience you’re going for.
Try testing colours, in this way you can see how they’ll look during the day and at night; try to avoid a cool spectrum of colours if your kitchen is North-facing, as the light will tend to make the kitchen look cold. If there’s less natural light, lighter shades work well – but remember to incorporate mood lighting.

Colour goes a long way

When you’re adding colour, it’s not for the faint-of-heart and you’ll need to commit to the colour change wholeheartedly, but don’t worry, the right colour will always add extra-flare to a thought-through colour scheme.
Let’s face it, most of us will not go for a bold green or a bright pink over the whole kitchen; a more sensible option would be to add accents such as coloured furniture, surfaces, and other accessories – making your kitchen look a little more adventurous.
Other popular colours are deep blues, dark greys, and warm reds. Use colour carefully if you would like to use it well. Although trends can help to inspire you, don’t let them be your blueprint. The beauty of painting your own walls and choosing your own colour scheme is that you can always rip up the design and start again as soon as you would like a change!

Always remember, colour is subjective and it will affect the mood of many different people in many ways. As a general rule, warmer colours, such as reds and yellows ‘advance’ – energising and stimulating a room – whereas cooler colours such as blues and greens ‘recede’.

Tuesday, 9 January 2018

my five top tips to get into shape easily.

Hi everyone,

How are you all?

If you seen yesterdays post you will know I have just climbed Ben Nevis. My legs are a bit on the aching side. I need a week of low-intensity activities and I thought this would be a great way to help any of you thinking about getting into fitness to see what I am up to.
Speedo Endurance Plus Boom Splice Racerback - Black and Vita Grey
I want to share with you my top tip to getting in to shape easily without extreme measures.

  1. This is a huge one for me this year I will learn to swim. I need to buy swimsuits asap to help me with this goal. Swimming is number one for great fitness and low body impact. It is perfect if you want a gentle start into the great wide world of working out without feeling like you might die. There is lots to try not just basic swimming what about water aerobics.
  2. Yoga, some people love it some people hate it but as you know I am a qualified sports massage therapist and I recommend everyone from young to old tried a bit of yoga. I help to strengthen your muscles making them elongate and more flexible. I find yoga calms my mind I am an over thinker and this is the quiet time I need. You can do 30 minutes and it will burn hundreds of calories without working up a sweat. 
  3. Walking, I know what you are thinking but I walk already. Really do you? Do you nip in the car to go to the local shop? Why not instead of having an hour lunch break have 30 minutes and venture outside. this is low impact and will also help to stimulate your brain and help it to recharge. It is amazing how a 20-30 minute walk can change your mood and help you achieve things you thought you couldn't. 
  4. Drink water, If you are dehydrated your body will hold on to water weight and you are automatically heavier. I know a lot of people who live in this constant state of dehydration. your body is made and functions on water. Imagine what you could do without that afternoon headache. Did you know when you think you are hungry it is more likely you are thirsty?
  5.  Biking. Yes you knew this was coming as I am a mountain biker but I don't mean find a hill and throw your self down it. Why not try a gentle flat road ride. Did you know biking and swimming are the only two-sport which has lower impact on your joints? It's proven. Plus think about your body position on a bike? No pressure points are in use, are they? 
From young to old everyone would benefit from trying these out. We get one body in this life and we should treat it as good as we can. Imagine a machine. If we leave our body to rush it will take a lot more maintenance than if we keep her in tip-top condition 


Monday, 8 January 2018

Summit to eat on Ben nevis?

Hi everyone,

How are you all?

I am trying to get back on my fitness journey after the festive period. You know how most people easy themselves in well, I guess I might be different.

yesterday when most people were cuddled up cosy in their bed I was climbing Ben Nevis. Yip Just the highest mountain in the UK. Go big or go home right?

What inspired this you ask? Well, I have lived in the area for a long time and keep wanting to do it but if you are local you know the summer month up there are like a cattle market. Then I was sent some amazing food from and so I hatched my plan. 

What is Summit to eat well, in a nutshell, it is dehydrated food in pouches.You can get breakfast dinner and dessert. Ranging from  £4.50to £5.50 This is a just add hot water product and you are good to go. You get much-needed energy and protein which can be life-changing. When you are at your lowest. It doesn't hurt that they are delicious too. My favourite has to be the morning oats with raspberry. Closely followed but pasta bolognese and custard apple crunch yum.
Check there site for more info and to buy there amazing kits. 

everyone should pack these in their bags. Weather can turn in the mountain with a moments notice. We got caught in mild haze which was not forecasted and you can see how people can get lost. The cliff in the snow are hard to define and this could be life and death.

So as a blogger, you are constantly thinking about the photo and I thought I'm going to make this photo not just a photo but a blacklist item. As you know I mountain bike all the time but this was different I wanted to climb Ben Nevis.

We started yesterday at 850am -7 at brave heart carpark glen Nevis. ( free carpark if you are looking for one) I had my husband and Fiona as my guide. They are both trained in hiking and have done many. Off we set. At this point, the ex-police officer comes out of me and I will say we are fully kited. we were all wearing appropriate clothing and most important winter climbing boots. We have spare clothing, ice axes, first aid, crampons, compass, map, emergency tent and our summit food.  please make sure you are fully prepared for doing any mountain. I will not scare you with how many mountain rescues there are.

The path was very icy I mean very icy. I have a fear of small heights. Yes, I know that sound funny but falling on ice down the path is my nightmare. I was a very tricky climb up and down. The snow and Ice was a lot worse than expected and it was a bit one step forward slide back in places.

Here is me at the top. We think about -24

This was one of the best day s of my life it was physically and mentally draining. But I had a blast and I can see a couple more mountains in my future. I found the way done after the snow line really hard with all the ice. I will insert our walk in here. If you are wondering what the way down is kinda straight we may or may not have sledged on our bums. You cant prove nothing. Ha.

Relive 'Ben Nevis with Hugo & fi with Guide zip'


Unusual hilarious valentines card anyone?

Hi everyone, 

How are you all? 

It's nearly valentines day or for me, its nearly time to order present and cards for Valentine, 
my husband and I always try to outdo each other which who can get the funniest card. This year I know I have won already!

Let me introduce you to Love Layla If like me you love nothing more than a funny valentines card you will love this site. 

First things first I love the classic envelope with the added monogramming. 
cute and understated now time for the surprise within. 
No, your eyes do not deceive you. all £3.75
first one really does say

I love you & your dick 

and next up is 

You make me wetter than a mermaids minge. 

These are hilarious. 

This one is just to funny. I want to send them all to my hubby. Lovelayla really does come up with
the best cards for every occasion. Yo need to go check them out. 

All cards have this super cute little card inside. 

OH, MY WORD I almost peed when I saw this. This is to add to his favourite bottle
of wine. Nothing says funny than bum jokes right? 
Well peel this bad boy off and stick it on his wine and pop in the fridge and see how long it will take him to notice it. at only £2.50 this is a steal. 

This is warping paper £4.25 Yes just Yes this is amazing. I feel like this company just getting my group of friends humour. 

If you are looking for funny cards, balloons, wine labels, wrapping paper or badges. Get your butt over there and order the best stuff ever. P.s go check out glitter shitter card yes just yes.