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Clavin Klein Lipgloss

Hay everyone,

How are you all today?

Today I have 3 Calvin Klein lip glosses! tiz the season to wear lipgloss Fa la la la la!

 The 1st one is Burst, then the pink is breathless and finally fiesta. These are super glossy and the middle photo was put in so you can see just how thick this product really is.

the colours are amazing
its super pigmented
long lasting
very small and handbag friendly
Breathless tastes and smells like bubble gum
Burst taste and smells minty 
user friendly packaging

There is a really weird taste and smell from Fiesta I know these are meant to be flavored but this one is weird and kinda nasty.

you can get them here for £1.99 fragrance direct

Have you tried these?  what do you think?

MissLJBeauty xoxo