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Wedding Choice - face

Hay everyone,

So it is wedding Wednesday and Ive been think a lot about my Face. yeah I know strange one. I have a brith mark on my face which annoys me But my fiance loves it. Now should I cover it up for our wedding or leave it. aw what to do?

 Please excuse the No Make up But as you can see my birth mark here
 I remembered I got this Veil Cover cream at the Fabb event add them here awesome event Hoping to go to more events next year
 This is what the samples look like and there are loads in the Packet Veil cover cream This kit is £6.50 but if you  order the full size product you will get a discount code for £6.50 of the full priced cream

 and its now gone vanished! the cream is really thick and I have to admit I had to use a few sample to get my colour right. this also come with some translucent powder to cover it but I used my mac.
I'm the shade suede just now but I would be a very different shade when tanned.
The coverage is amazing as you cant see my birthmark. I think this would be a good under eye concealer if you have dark circles. I only wear light foundations and BB creams unless I have a night out but I would consider getting this for the wedding.

Veil starts at £19.95 so is expensive for a cover up but it does seem to be amazing.

what do you think? what would you do?

MissLJBeauty XOxo


  1. Wow you are beautiful with or without the cream but that coverage is just unbelievable!

    1. thanks huni I have never though I was anything but average looking. aw everyone is being so nice im so self concise xx

  2. Hope you have an amazing wedding no matter what make up decisions you make - you look gorgeous with or with out :) x