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2014 Summer Fashion trends by Analesha

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2014 Summer beauty trends

As summer is fast approaching there are many things to look forward to. Late night's,
cocktails on the beach and road trips just to name a few. Each year summer there's
always one thing that changes (and no its not who your boyfriend is!) and that's the top
beauty trends. Fresh of the runway I am going to take you step by step through the top
7 trends for this summer!

 1. Purple make up
This can be in various shades of purple ranging from Lilac, orchard or lavender.
The most popular way to include purple make up is in the form of eyeshadow.
However other options include mascara, lipstick or eyeliner.

2. Orange is the new red
I never ever ever thought that orange would be a popular trend however its here
and looks amazing. From neon orange to coral, orange lips make being a big mouth
popular. Bright lip colors are most easily applied in the form of a chunky glide on
crayon type lipstick.

3. Rebellious Eyeliner
Black eyeliner is a classic look and this summer its time to get creative. More bold
angels, flicks and lines are prominent and the bigger the eyeliner the more
attitude you give.

4. Golden glow
If bronzer is not one of your must have make up items, make it. This summer the
golden shimmer is in right now. A golden, natural bronze is the look you want to
achieve, not necessarily the look of being rolled in a puddle of fake tan.

5. Something blue
In 2013 we saw the return of the blue eyed trend and now its living on. Whether
it is blue eyeshadow or eyeliner there's a form of blue just for you.

6. The Falsies
False eyelashes have been popular for a few years now. Giving bold, confident and
strong lashes are nearly a necessity for all girls and part of your daily routine.
However, this summer we see false eyelashes applied to the top AND bottom. I
think this one will take a lot of confidence to successfully wear!

7. Bare face and beautiful
How ironic that one of the biggest make up trends is the perception of not
wearing any make up. Victoria Beckham is an advocate for this and if VB is behind
it we know its going to be huge. As some of us aren't gifted with naturally
beautiful, blemish free skin its going to be about finding the right balance. My
tips would be to find a good BB cream and translucent powder!
So there you have it. 

The beauty gods have spoken. Id love to know what trends you will
be sticking to this summer and how you will achieve them! Xo

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