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Woman love your body

Hi everyone, 

This one may get ranty so you have my permission not to continue reading.

I am a bit of a magazine junkie! I love reading all the latest news and seeing what the latest gossip is.

The other day I was reading my mags when I felt this strange feeling bubbling inside me. Yes it was rage. 

One minute the magazine are praising girls for being curvy then they are saying that we are all fat. 

Yes What I was reading was about Kim Kardashian, who I am the same weight as. But in one mag she was being hailed for her gorgeous curves and the next she was slated for being a FAT Bride WTF!!!
what about this girl is fat? So by Hollywood standards which are barbaric she is curvy but how on earth are we all going to love our figures if we are constantly getting told what is beautiful???

Who makes the rules? Who says a skinny girl cant be as attractive as a big girl? and vise versa?
why cant we all just see the beauty in everyone? look at these three women they are all amazing and beautiful yet two are called plus size? Which to be honest just sound negative. Does it really matter what size you are if you are happy and healthy? 

Don't get me wrong I diet and exercise but that's because I feel better being fit. Which is my choice. I have been a size 22 and a size 6. I am now at 8/10 and I'm happy Yes some days I have the off day where I would like to be thinner but I am human and this is me FAT or THIN I am me. 

MissLJBeauty xoxxo


  1. Well said! Does the same apply to me though?

  2. I Totally Agree! I'm a Size 12 but I am Also Very Tall and I think I am Beautiful! My Weight is Distributed Pretty Evenly Throughout My Whole Body! I wouldn't Consider Myself as Obese or Even Over Weight for that Matter! Most People wouldn't Even Guess that I'm a Size 12! To me it's Not About the Number but How you Carry Yourself and How Confident you are! It makes me So Mad how many times we hear in Magazines that Curvy is Beautiful, but Meanwhile the Only Models they Feature are Stick Thin! It's Really Sad for Today's Youth because they Feel Such Pressure to Fit In on Top of Everything Else they Have to Deal with Each Day! I think you Should Just take Care of Yourself from the Inside Out and Be Happy with Who you Are Not What you Weigh!