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Guest post by Anita Rosner

Hi everyone, 

Id like to introduce my new guest poster the wonderful Anita Rosner.

Anita Rosner is an American essayist who lives in New York with her husband and two children.  She’s been writing since she could pick up a pencil and created the blog SNORK to spread laughter and positive energy, and to avoid doing the laundry.

Dr. P and Me

Life is full of decisions.  Some are easy to make.  Others can be paralyzing.  That’s how I felt, while standing over my open cosmetics bag.

The flight was less than 24-hours away.  Everything was packed and ready to go, except for my toiletries; and that is where I made a major miscalculation: there was no way I could fit all my skincare products in a quart-size plastic bag (a la TSA regulations) to carry them onboard.  It simply was not possible, and had the potential of ruining my vacation.  Let me explain…
have long been an acolyte of Dr. Nicholas Perricone, MD.  Yes, I say acolyte because, not only is he an accomplished physician, and a genius in the area of natural anti-aging therapies, but to me he is a skincare god – the creator of products that I simply cannot live without.  Cannot!  The idea of traveling to Mexico without them gave me the heebie-jeebies.  

Dr. P makes plenty of travel-size items (which I neglected to order in advance) and his team is very generous with samples (Karina, my go-to gal at the NYC flagship storewould have hooked me up if I’d remembered to go see her).  But I had not planned well, and now it was too late for anyone to bail me out.

Why not just pack the full-size items in your checked bags?  Is that what you’re wondering?  Clearly, you are not familiar with the Perricone product line.  Some of the merchandise cost more than most items in my wardrobe, and all were certainly more valuable to me than clothing.  If they got lost en route…well…I couldn’t even bring myself to think about that.  So I decided to ask myself some questions and, based on the answers, I’d know which Perricone treatments to pack:

Q.Was I willing to skip an entire week of Vitamin C Ester Serum?  
A.No, I might lose the radiant glow that was getting me so many compliments.

Q.Could I sacrifice the refreshing exfoliating benefits of Blue Plasma ever night?
A.Sure, if I wanted to walk around with dead skin cells on my face.

Q.If I went 7 days without using High Potency Amine Face Lift and its amazing nighttime counterpart, High Potency Evening Repair, would my face fall down around my ankles?
A.Probably not, but no one in their right mind would be willing to take that chance.

Q.Would it be OK to skip the broad-spectrum sun protection of PhotoPlasma moisturizer?

I finally decided to create my own sample sizes by scooping out just enough creams and serums to last one week. This might sound like an obvious solution, but let me tell you, I was not entirely comfortable exposing my wonderful products to sunlight and elements and (gasp!) plastic.   Most of Dr. Perricone’s original packaging is made of brown glass (to protect their contents from light) and his line does not contain parabens(preservatives).  I realized the possibility of contaminating tiny amounts of my beloved skincare was the lesser evil of going cold turkey for a whole week without them.  

In the end, all of my bags arrived safely, my skin did not suffer and I had a wonderful time in Mexico.  Above all, I learned my lesson.  I now keep my toiletries bag stocked with travel-sizes of my favorite Perricone essentials.

In the future, I might forget to pack my pajamas or a bathing suit, but my skin will always be well-dressed, thanks to Dr. P.

Guest blogger, Anita Rosner, is the author of  humor blog SNORK.