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fake bake good or not?

Hi everyone

How are we all today?

Its not often I find a product I really really cant get on with but I have finally found it. I love fake tan as you know and I have tired a crazy amount from all ranges and prices but I have to say fake bake is the worst by far it just streaks on my skin. No I am a believer in trying a product a few times before I blog about it and I even went and had a spray tan at the fake bake glasgow salon and low and behind I was left streaky and for some reason my boobs where white! ( great skills there). 

To add insult to injury my hubby came hone the night I tried this and said what a horrid smell from your fake tan like weird off biscuits. 

I do like that it comes woth a mitt and gloves. I am a qualified spray tanner so I know a good tan. I exfoliated and moisturised my skin as is normally do. But the mess my tan was left in was so bad and it was a weird brown colour.

I hate giving bad blogs but this really is the worst product I've tried in a long time. 

Have you tried it? 

Any tips to make it better? 

Fancy trying it? 

MissLJBeauty xo xo 

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