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My obsessions

Hi everyone

How are we all? 

I've had a few major obsession lately so it's time to confess! 

1. Taylor Swifts new song shake it up
Love it, it's so catchy and fun!
Love this makeup look from the vid and her hair is awesome. 

2. Jacobs oddities, these are low in calories and sooo tasty. 

3. Radox passion fruit splash. Oh my gosh this is so delish. It smells so good and really refreshing. 

4.  Epson salt bath. After a kick ass workout my musicals love this! 

5. My foam roller. 
Thanks to results with Lucy this little beauty came in to my life. Since doing this work out I have had very light muscule soreness the next day. 

What's your obsessions? 

MissLJBeauty xoxo 

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