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Results with Lucy Wobbletomodel week 2

Hi everyone,

How are we all?

As you all know I'm on Wobble to model!

I have completed week 2 and my result are  amazing

Here are my inch loses for that week !

2 Inches from my tummy
1 Inch from my muffin top
1.5 inches from my Chest

My other measurements have stayed the same.

Now I had a huge Fan girl moment when I was having a chat with Cecelia before I started this program. and I was delighted when she helped me choose this program to help me get my body honeymoon ready.

To say I fan girled out last Sunday when Lucy followed me on twitter would be a under statement.
 But when she tweeted me to say she liked my Youtube I had done. I was excited and also a bit freaked out that she had watched little old me on Youtube. LOL

I will have my Next Vid up this week with weeks two and three. So stay tuned for that one.

I have to mention people are starting to really notice my changing body which is really giving me a huge boost.

Are you doing Results with Lucy?

Missljbeauty xoxx