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How I get the perfect fake tan

Hi Everyone, 

Its May! Woop which should mean summer right? Ok not really for us in the north of Scotland but days are getting better. So at this time of year I start reaching for my fake tan collection to make me feel more summer and less ghost. 

I thought I would share with you my tanning routine. 

first and foremost I always use a good exfoliator on my body. Just now my product of choice is 

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Fake Bake Passion Fruit Body Polish
I love this it has a very fruit scent and its a very fine grain product. 
After ever shower I use a body oil my favorite and old classic is 
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Its cheap and leaves my skin so hydrated I put it on when I'm still wet them towel dry
My tan of choice just now is Sunkissed rapid tan mousse
Oh My gosh this glides on and the smell is like a holiday in a bottle to me its a 
coconut pinappley mix if this was edible it would be in trouble. this has all the added benefits of aloe vera and vitamin E and no added parabens. 
I have to mention this drys super quick and doesn't stain my bedding!

Now one of my biggest bug bears in life is the weird after tan biscuit smell ( YUK & Why).
I can safely say this just leaves you smelling like a beautiful tropical holiday!

 Before (excuse the pup)
rich golden colour which last on my skin for about a week. Which is amazing. I use the shade Dark as my skin take tan really well. 
Next if I have any streaks which I have to say I have never had with sunkissed But i have with some of my others I like I reach for my good old buddy Taneraser 

I use this to remove my old tan it work better than a normal exfoliator, 
You use it in the shower with a normal body wash. The pink side is a lighter
exfoliation and the black side is a bit rougher for the more stubborn areas.
Why did I not know about this before its awesome. 
This gives the best base to start the process again. 

I like to leave a week after my tan fades if I have no events just to let my skin breath before my next round. 

Whats your tanning routine? 
MissLJBeauty xoxo