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NovaLash After care kit

Hi Lovelies, 

As promised I am reviewing my aftercare kit. Check out my Instagram for @missljbeauty For My lash updates. 
 Once you have your lashes fitted you receive this lovely little after care kit. (The had me at the packaging you know I love a nice bit for pink!)

The after care kit contains  1 cleanLASH by NovaLash, 1 mascara by NovaLash & LASHwand
 The pads
Glycol & carbonate free 3-in-1 makeup remover, cleanser, and conditioning pads I really like these they have a really nice thin pad. which makes it easy to clean your lashes. I use these every day to clean my lashes and I Have had no irritation at all in fact I find them more gentle then my normal make remover. I have never had these pull the lashes at all. the smell is amazing and you all know smell really effects how I like a product. 

What NovaLash says 
BENEFITS: • Specifically formulated for use with NovaLash Adhesives • cleanLASH pads are saturated with pomegranate seed oil for nourishing the eye area. cleanLASH is unique, specially woven, lint-free pads that do not catch the extensions or leave behind fibers like cotton balls or pads   cleanLASH moisturizes and conditions extensions 

Specifically formulated mascara for use with NovaLash Eyelash Extensions when necessary 
Now I have to be honest My lashes have been on over a month and I haven't had to use the mascara. they have stayed in place so well that I haven't had a need for it. But I will update you on this when I get the chance to use it.

What NovaLash says 
Mascara helps fill in the lash line where extensions may have shed, keeping a full look as the touch-up appointment nears

The LASHwand
The LASHwand This is a little miracle worker. This is a hand size to have on you all the time. I have not need to carry this thought. I find just a quick combing trough in the morning and this keeps my lashes in place until I get home. Its so good at getting the tangles out when I have them. I am blessed with lots of lashes so the lovely @Ciaramaywills told me as she fitted them. if you havent check out my first post here Why I have fallen For Novalash

A handy little info care and this completes the kit!
I have had my lashes for over a month and I have to say they are the best thing I have every had, I love that you wake up and your lashes look so beautiful that you don't have to do anything to your face to feel glam, I have found myself going make up free a lot more this month because I feel so confident in my face with these lashes. I will be recommending these to everyone. I can not believe they have lasted so long, they look great still. check my Instagram for the photos. 

Have you tried Novalash? 

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