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My New Halo Hair extentions

Hi Everyone, 

How are you today? 

 Its a lovely day here for a change and the postman delivered this a few days ago. EEEKKK My very own Halo. I have to say the whole process of getting your halo is so personal I love them already. All I did was send a photo of my hair to one of there amazing colour matching angels and she sent me her recommendation for the colour which would best match my hair, 
She also recommend my ideal lengthen which was 20 Ins and colour mix 20/60 Swedish blonde.
This is the pretty packaging  
 Love this will defo send off for my free shampoo and conditioner 

  How it arrives 
 There is so much hair and it feels really soft. 

 How to adjust your new halo 
 All you have to do is hold the halo bead and pull the wire through,
 check the position on your head. I use the little hollow of your head above your ears as my guide 
 To make it bigger you just do this in reverse. Then just a triple knot at the end of your selected 
size and cut the excess wire off and boom your halo is ready for styling! Where was this on my wedding day! Defo perfect for people like me with flat hair who wants the volume now and again but doen't want to commit to hair extensions 
 My hair
 Before the halo 
 Now for the afters 
 I love that this is real hair so it can be styled any way with GHDs or curlers as required. 

 Quick and easy plate and I'm ready to leave the house! 

Love this too much, 

I was worried that the Wire would be sore to wear but it really isnt. It never dug in and after a while I forgot I was wearing my new friend at all! This really is the perfect item for us thin haired girls who want the versatility of thick hair with out the hours in the salon getting extensions in! I'm going to film a few styling vids with my new halo soon so look out for them. 

Have you tried a Halo? 

MissLJBeauty xoxo