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Easy Ways To Start Drinking Healthier Drinks

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One of the things that I struggle with when it comes to a healthy diet is staying hydrated. I need to drink throughout the day, and I especially need hydration for when I'm exercising. But even so many drinks that are meant to be healthy are full of sugar. And when I want something to warm me up, caffeine is so tempting to help me stay awake. It's so hard finding drinks that are healthy and that taste nice too. Water is of course as good as you can get, but it's boring if it's the only thing you drink. So here are some of the way that I'm trying to make my beverages more interesting.

Natural Water Flavouring

I like to drink a lot of water because it's the easiest way to stay hydrated. However, plain water is in no way exciting. It's fine and I prefer it when I'm really thirsty, but I don't want to drink it all day. The trouble is, it seems like all the things to flavour your water are full of sugar or sweeteners. So instead of using squash or mixing water with fruit juice, I've been looking at other ways to flavour my water. One of the ones I like is squeezing some lemon or lime juice into my glass. It gives it a citrusy kick without me having to add lots of sugary fruit juice. Even though juice is full of nutrients, it's not great for your teeth. So I try not to have it too often.

Juices and Smoothies

If I'm looking for something delicious, I'll always turn toward a juice or smoothie. Juices can be made with vegetables as well as fruit, so there's a lot you can do. If you look at Matstone juicers, you can see what they're capable of. So I like making juices from carrots, tomato, spinach or anything I have in my fridge or cupboards. There are lots of recipes you can follow or you can make it up as you go along. I love a smoothie sometimes too, although they work better with fruit than veg! A strawberry and banana smoothie is always delicious, and it's easy to make one at home instead of buying one.

Decaf Hot Drinks

Most of us drink either tea or coffee when we want a hot drink. But both of these contain caffeine, and we often put lots of sugar in too. If I want a healthier drink, I sometimes go for a decaffeinated coffee or black tea with milk. However, I would much rather have a herbal or fruit tea that has no caffeine. If I want a treat, I will sometimes make myself a hot chocolate. But you have to be careful about how much sugar you use. It can be better to make it from scratch so you're aware of what goes into it. I also think that Ovaltine is an excellent option as an alternative to hot chocolate.

There are more ways to drink healthily, such as trying out different types of milk. If you want to have healthier drinks, there are lots of options out there to try.

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