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Pawsome present for the pups

Hi Everyone, 
How are you all today? 

The gorgeous people over at Pawsomebox sent over an August box for Millie & Mylo. 
Pawsome is a wonderful monthly delivery box for dog they also do a cat version. The way to my heart is defo my dogs. This is just like a beauty box you sign up to, its only £19.90 per month 

How cute is this box 

Millie looks excited 

Mylo was desperate to find out what was in this box. 
wooo look at all these items, the pups are being spoilt 

Like a beauty box it come with a fun mag to tell you whats in the box and some good articles.

This toy is the best in the box for both of the dogs. Mylo the dalmatian is very good at destroying toys. The way I test dog toys is how long they last with a mylo about and this is still going strong. It makes a strange squeak but the dog were in love at first sight, They have both had hours of fun with this one and I will defo buy from this brand again. 

both dogs got to share these and they went down very very well. I love that these are low in fat. I'm a bit how would you say it mm
over critical of dog foods as I believe we should not 
let our dogs eat something that we wouldn't. ie loads of horrid ash or additives

Millie was given the bone and she was in doggie heaven. I'm afraid mylo has a very sensitive stomach like a lot of dalmatian as his diet has to be closely monitored. 

Both dogs like getting there ears cleaned and this is so much better than the dropper product we have and it smells so much better. Millies has a thing about bad smells and can be a bit of a diva with bad smelling things, I know your thinking shes a dog but who knows why. 
This is cute for there collar but I haven't used it as both my dogs are chipped and we 
live in a small village where everyone know who mylo is ( only dalmatian in the village) and millie would never leave the garden. 
Mylo would like me to talk about his favorite toy in the box. Coo as we call him
mylo is obsessed with coo. Unlike other similar toys this one is still intact. This is a light toy and it does make a noise normally this would be killed for such a thing as to make noise in mylos garden but he has spent days taking coo around the garden and digging holes for coo. I can only imagine this is some sort of protection for coo not a form of torture.

Im still standing 

On behalf of millie and mylo I can say this get a huge 10 bones out of 10 from them. 
two very happy pups 

Have you tried Pawesome?
MissLJBeauty xoxo