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I have found The Perfect Card!

Hi everyone
How are you all today?

I was sent the most amazing thing I have ever seen in a card! You know I love cake so this will be no shock to you! When the lovely people at Sponge.co.uk offered to send me a cake card I was delighted. 
I have used sponge.co.uk loads of times for birthdays in the family. Most recently being my hubbys millionaire birthday cake. If you follow me on instagram you will see it. It was heaven in a birthday cake. 
I started using them as they are so flipping handly, they post any where in the uk! yes even here in the highlands. which alone make them the best cake company ever! If you live rural like me, you will feel my pain. I love birthday cake and think everyone should have one. They have always arrived on time and in perfect condition. I wont go in to the taste to much but devine sums it up. 

Sponge.co.uk have launched www.cakecard.co.uk Where you get these little babies!
 Is it a card well yes but the best birthday card you can send!
 They let you personalize your card with a message and what cake you want to send. Did I mention they have gluten free options!!
 you pick weather to send one slice of cake or two ( my pick is always two)
 The back of the lemon cake. I love lemon its by far my cake of choice everytime.They are ligh and fluffy cakes with the most gorgeous fillings so creammy and moreish with out being sickly. 

 My hubbys favorite flavour dont tell him but i may have stolen this. 
 One slice is £7.50 or two slices £10.00

 I used my mac lip balm so you can see the size. it fits perfectly through your letter box with no damage to the cake! amazing 
This was the best day! I love cake so much I better go get on my bike to work this off!

MissLJBeauty xoxo