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Biking bruises and Burst Quad

Hi everyone,

I haven't done a Fitness update in ages. If I'm honest I have been so busy lately that my blog has been taking a back seat. I am back in to it (I hope now).

Today I sit typing as I was meant to start a new fitness plan with result with Lucy But alas this was not to be.

In June me and my hubby and two besties when to Les Gets in the french alps for what was meant to be our summer holiday. Well it rain a lot. we had one full day of sun and the rest was very sticky mud here are some highlight from our trip.

I fell off a lot 

The gang
Trying to dry kit (in June)

 Don't Worry Fi Survived this and a few days before we left these two got engaged!!!

Me and Fi Met the legend Tahnee Seagrave. We were meant to go riding with her but the weather was terrible so we all went for a nice dinner and a few drinks. What a lovely girl and a real inspiration. 

 We ended up on a night out with some very famous mountain bikers including Kyle Strait. Who though I was hilarious as I had no Idea who he was.

 we were luck to watch Crankworx when we were there.

Our days off we had two I had three after a bad fall. 

It was amazing to spend two week out there and I feel I have improved my skills since being out there. We stayed in Fi's family Friends chalet and It was gorgeous. 

So Back to scotland and back to now. Since the Alps I have been working lots but getting out on the bike as much as I can. I did one uplift on the Fort William Red Giant. I managed more than my hubby did on his first run which is surprising. 

Fast forward to this Saturday which was My first full day of uplift. £32 for the day Encase you ever fancy it! You will want a full face helmet and body Armour. 

I went up with Fi and My hubby and they took me thought the route and said I did really well. I have a fear of small height and the broad walk section is on a sheer cliff (nice) The first time I did it I thought I would faint. this Saturday was very windy up here and it was gusting up to 50 mph on the ground so I have not idea what it was up there. But It was for sure the scariest I have ever been on my bike. We did the Red giant twice and Then we did the orange down hill also know as the world cup line. This route is renowned for being hard and I have to say I missed the 5 really hard bit but was pleased I tried some of it. Then we hit the cafe had lunch and one of us utter the fatal saying ONE LAST RUN. It was raining quite a bit by now but I thought I've done it now lets try it again. 

Well I got out the start hut and was loving the speed I got up to and Bam I skidded and fell with my right leg tangled up in my bike and loads of tourist on the baloney of the restaurant up there taking photos and I was face down in the ground I scrambled to the side and my hubby came down and found me in a heap. followed by two on the onlooker who seen me crash. 

I felt a snap and a crunch in my knee and that was my day done. I hobbled down the track and I am never one to go home I just took the pain and powered on. I watched as fi had two really bad fall. Fi is a brilliant rider and even she had a couple falls. I honestly though she had broken her arm at one point. 

Bringing me to today and about 48hrs since |I crashed and I went to the doctors. I am a sports massage therapist and I had my suspicions but the doctor confirms I have torn my quadricep with possible ligament damage but we wont be able to tell this until the swelling go's down. So I am sat here with my leg tube gripped from the top of the leg all the way down and a ice pack on it. 
So it looks like I'm out of the game for the next couple weeks and I need to contact physio. 

I was upset i could not go biking on Sunday with the gang I sat in the car as the cripple I am whilst they did Laggan wolf trax. 

I will be back on my bike soon. 

Do you bike?