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Exercise suggestions and supplements for everyone

Hi everyone, 

How are your all? 

I have been asked loads of times by my friends who don't really exercise how to get started and is exercise for everyone? 

So I thought I'd do My top tips for getting started. 

1. You have to find the right exercise. If you don't like running you wont stick to it! Try biking. if you don't like being on your own then what about joining a gym? or a group. But to be honest why not start with walking we all do it so why not add in a extra mile or two to your normal route? 

2. DRINK WATER Yes I know you do this already but you are upping your metabolic rate and our biggest tool our body and it run on water. 

3. Stretching to be honest yes before and after would be amazing but if you only have time for one. please stretch after your workout this is a easy way to beat D.o.m.s ( post workout pain to you and me) and prevent injury. 

4. Recovery drink, I always mix a teaspoon of Hellenia’s Naticol® ProSport Hydrolised Marine Collagen Powder 300g – Natural to my water bottle after a workout. This product is amazing. I have talked about protein many times and my love for it but this is the next step. This provides all the necessary amino acids which will help in any repairing and recovery of muscles affected in your workout. It also help with rebuilding muscle tissue and joint protection. It has also been proven to help with weight management as it will help you feel fuller for longer.   

5. Always try something new! I never ever would have thought mountain biking was for me but I love it! Yes I am a girlie girl and i love make up but there is nothing like a good muddy day up the mountains learning to drop. 
6. Mix up your route if your stick to the same DVD the same route the same activity you will get board and stop doing it!
7. Sport massage. Its not just for professional in the Olympics. I could write for ever on the benefits of this for any one from walkers to competitive athletes. Isn't it funny we would buy our self a expensive face or body cream but not go and have that niggling shoulder knot taken car of? 
8. Last but not least HAVE FUN. if your not enjoying it you wont stick to it and remember fitness is not a race its about you helping your body last long and get more from your life. You don't have to work out everyday to get fit. I love a quick work out after a long day it helps my stress levels and really helps me sleep. Fitness should be fun! some times hard fun but always worth it.