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Redbull fox hunt 2016

Hi everyone, 

I attended this years red bull fox hunt in Cumbria with two of my friends. After not knowing if I should go as I ended up in hospital on the Wednesday before I decided to just go and see how i got one. I have to say this was my first proper biking since damaging my knee (Torn ACL) The race was 9 weeks since I did the damage. 

A bit of girl power and I got the car in to the very muddy field. 

There was a lot of very high end bikes. Here is boardie all suited and booted for the weekend. 
The first day was a few runs down and seeding. 
My seeding run was terrible as I had no back brake here is Rachel Atherton checking my brakes and telling me to go to the maintenance tent. Me being Me still did the run no brakes defo the most scary thing I have done in as long as I can remember. With not being on a bike for weeks then doing a track with a few steep section there is a huge chance I'm off my head! 

 This photo was taken in the only uplift we got at the weekend after this the jeep couldn't make it up the hill so we had to walk.  
 The practice run on the day of the race. Not many girls went all the way to the top it was a long push but we wanted to try the full course before the race. 
 waiting for the up lift that ended up in carnage. 
 The cramps were really after carrying our bikes up 5 times 
My race run was not the best I had someone with a puncher crash in to me at the top section so I picked my self back up and carried on. I had a few more crashes on the way down 266 girls on one track equals carnage!

After the race I went back up with my girls to do the final drop I hate people watching me and 
I didn't feel confident to do it on the race. 

It was a great weekend and my two girls got amazing results Fi coming in at top 20 and Claire in the 50's
Cant wait to get some mojo back and get some shredding done. 


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