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Rosacea What to do ?

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lets talk about skin, well not just skin but more specifically Rosacea. As you all know I am a make up artist. A lot of my clients suffer with Rosacea and it can really affect there confidence. 
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What is Rosacea? 

it is a skin inflammation disorder. It can start with short period of skin reddening but these symptoms can progress in to skin burning and stinging, Spots and pustules, permanent redness in the skin and small blood vessels becoming visible. In sever cases this can make the nose more swollen and eyes blood shot and watery. 

Rosacea is know as a condition that affect people in there 30's but this is just not true, any age can suffer from this condition and the worst case I have seen was a teenage boy. Unfortunately there is no medical cure for this condition and it can affect people not only physically but mentally. But don't worry there is treatment to help!

The best Rosacea treatments has been developed by pulse light clinic in London. The use an IPL Device this emits light waves. Which penetrate the skin getting to the hemoglobin in the blood vessels. This causes the blood vessel wall to be come damaged but in a controlled manner. This trigger the body natural repair mechanism which breaks down and removes the damage tissue. This giving room for new cells to form and replace the old damaged cells with clear healthier gorgeous looking skin.  

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Not only is the skin treated but they have a nutritionist to help you repair our body and skin from the inside out. You know the old saying "your are what you eat"! Well lets face it we are all in the habit of forgetting this sometimes. I know I don't eat any seafood or fish and I add cod liver oil to my daily supplements. Perfect! Too many of us are sent to the doctor and given the antibiotics and that's that not actually getting to the nittie gritty of the issue and more tablets to take. Like me many people have bad after effect from antibiotics too going to the clinic will cut all that out too. 

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Have you tried any Rosacea treatments?

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