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Shake that Weight review

Hi Everyone, 

How are you all today? 

So its been a while but lets talk the latest weight loss system I have been reviewing. Shake the weight has loads of plans so there is defo one to suit everyone needs. I chose the two weeks plan giving me a chance to get used to the diet. 
Two weeks is £52.50 This gives you a huge amount of products! 
You Pick 14 breakfast items 14 lunch and 14 mid afternoon snacks as you have a low calorie meal at night of your own choice!
For breakfast I pick mostly shakes which were all really nice and creamy and filing. This is a very low calorie plan and If I am honest it was hard to get used to but more than worth it. 
I have to say the only thing I really didn't like was the porridge. It was a very strange try of consistency. I would defo swap these for more shakes!  The muesli bars were great grab and go items to, 

Lunch for me was by far my favorite part of the day. the soups were good and filling and tasted great but lets talk the noodle. I LOVED them so tasty so filling and full of flavor!

The snacks oh the snacks!
These are so nice they feel sinful. imagine me eating them in a cupboard. They don't taste like diet treats. Honey nougat bar is divine its so unquiet I honestly don't know how to describe it. Ok when I ran out I felt very sad. I wish I had ordered more of the lemon bars they were the right about of zingy and sweet. 


Last but not least water flavoring. This doesn't just make water more interesting but it adds fiber to your diet which is awesome. Loads of diet company's forget that whilst you restrict calories you removed fiber and we need fiber in our diet. This to me proves how focused this brand is on not just weight loss but your body too.

Due to a computer fail and my lack of backing up my before and after photos are gone but I can say in two week I lost 3 kg! In two weeks not to bad.

Have you tried shake the weight?