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Healthy tasty snack! Go Head!

Hi everyone, 

How are you all? 

You may know, if you have been following me a while that I am doing Results with Lucy fitness plan. I am trying to make healthier choices with regards to snack! Enter Go Ahead!. I have always been a fan of these snack. I almost want to say biscuits but that really doesn't fit with each snack.  I Thought I would do a quick  review on these ones that were sent to me. 

Fruity Breaks Strawberry & Apple Approximately 132 calories. 

This one is super tasty. I like that these one are more or a cake than a biscuit. Its a baked outer shell with a nice gooey center. I have to say I prefer the strawberry.  I find this is the perfect thing to have in my pocket when I'm out biking as it give the right amount of sugar boost and carbs to continue on the trail. 

Yogurt Breaks Cherry, Forest fruits and Raspberry. Approximately 142 calories

These have been my go to snakes for as long as I can remember. I actually remember having these on night shift when I worked in the police. These are delish. I love that they are crunchie and the yogurt outer coating really adds that extra some thing that keeps me going back for more! I honestly can pick a favorite. There is not many ranges of products, where I really like each and everyone, yes I am picky. But these are awesome. and 

Crispy slices orange and apple 54 calories per slice.

I must confess, I don't like orange so I didn't eat these but my mother in law did and said they were really nice. I did have the apple ones and these where everything you come to expect from Go Ahead!
great quality, low calories snacks. These are the prefect mind afternoon treat for me. Not to sweet and really hits the spot.

Cookies Bites chocolate and orange, white chocolate and raspberry 99 calories a bag. 

OH MY GOSH theses are heaven! so Much so I checked the calories about four times. 
My hubby stole the orange ones and he loved them. The white chocolate and raspberry ones are just like normal cookies but soooo tasty. this kills my sweet craving dead! I love them. 

which is your favorite? 


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