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NEW Results with Lucy Program! Results extreme

I know not many people are thinking about fitness at this time of year! Expect me! I am almost half way through my HIIT Harder Program with Update soon! 

I love Results with Lucy, You know I try a lot of programs but I always go back to RWL. 

When I got an email with the newest RWL Program. I was like Yes! I have always admired Lucy and  Cecilia. During My HIIT Harder program I have been introduced to more of the team and have a Love/hate relationship with Liam I think it because at the moment his section is the last of the day! 

The new Program is Devised by the amazing Sophie Holmes! I always love her sessions. She is fun and really motivating. I am excited to announce that once I have had my ass truly kicked by HIIT HARDER I'm moving on to this New program! Its called Results extreme its £49 for the full 6-week program. 

Now If that is not inspiring enough check out this Ladies INSANE body! 
Sophie is a complete inspiration! Her situation really resonates with me. I was born 8 weeks premature and I was very lucky as I only had jaundiced and was a bit small. She really has shown the world that nothing will stop her and she really can do anything. It does make me think that a lot of us take our health for granted. This Girl is a POWERHOUSE!

So who is joining me get my ass kicked by the amazing Sophie?