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How to stay safe at work

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This might seem like at a bit of a left field post but at this time of year. Staying safe at work becomes a hot topic. You know my back ground is in the Police. I always found that I would end up at least one serious and one fatal incident at work places over the festive period. This can have devastating effects. I now you it may be a running joke in the office. OH No what would health and safety say ? But it is very important and sometimes its the difference between life and death.  So lets take how to stay safe. 

  1. Know your limits. For instance if you can't reach that high shelf. Get a ladder. don't over stretch yourself. No one want a bad back. Or worse a trip to the hospital from a fall from height. 
  2. It is now dark very early, Especially up here in the highlands. If you work outside Please wear Hi-viz. You Need to be seen to be safe! 
  3. As above, it is dark outside this makes going to your car more of a hazard be careful and remain vigilante. 
  4. Watch your feet. Yes it is so easy to have a fall and this can have serious consequence. I have known a few broken wrist and arms. From a silly fall. 
  5. Fire safety. Do you know your company's fire plan? Where is your nearest exit? Who is the fire warden. 
  6. Infection, It is so easy to catch an infection at this time of year! hand sanitizes is a must. use personal protective gear. 
  7. If like me you use hazardous substances, Know your product that 5 minutes reading up on it might just save someones life. always remember to store these safely and securely. 
  8. First aid, Who knows first aid in your company? Do you know first aid? Check your qualification are still in date. 
  9. Check your station. How is your chair are you positioned right? Do you have a sore wrist? why not get a wrist support?  Is your screen angled right for you? When was your last eye test? Always get your eyes checked if you are finding you are getting headaches. 
  10. Mental health, This time of year can be and is hard for some people. You know I have had my own struggles with depression. If you suffer your self get help! If you see someone else is struggling sometimes just a chat can help that person feel 100 times better. We are all human and not everyone like Christmas be respectful. 

It is imperative and law in the UK that all company supply health and safety training to there staff. Check out NEBOSH courses from  Sheilds are the industry leaders in health and safety training. Why would you train with anyone else? 


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