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Full unboxing and review of AirRam MK2 vacuum cleaner.

Today we are reviewing a new vacuum cleaner. I have been needing a new one since my old on has been slowly dying.  The lovely people over at Gtech kindly sent me one of their AirRam MK2 to review. 
I have done a full unboxing and first impressions over on my youtube channel Which I have inserted. 

As you have seen in the video it is so simple to set up you can get it all set up in a couple minutes. I am so impressed with Gtech packaging of this product so much thought has been put into the packaging of this product.  I love companies who really care about how they package items this saves on so much waste. So well done Gtech. 

This is a vacuum with a difference. It not only cleans carpets but it cleans wooden and vinyl floor. All you have to do is remove the brush head. Explained in my video above and it is ready to really get to work on your harder to clean floors.

What the brand says about this Vaccum

The Gtech AirRam weighs just 3.2kg when fully assembled. With an ultra low profile handle that leans back, you can easily reach underneath furniture and move smoothly from room to room.  
We’ve added full width LED lights along the front of the AirRam, leaving nowhere for dirt and dust to hide under your sofa, bed or coffee table - ideal for quick tidy ups and regular deep cleans.  
Powered brush head Our unique AirLOC technology effortlessly picks up large debris as you push the vacuum forwards and locks on the backstroke to suck up embedded dust and fine dirt. This upright vacuum cleaner’s rotating brush bar makes it ideal for removing stubborn dirt and can be used on a variety of floor surfaces.   
Long runtime Powered by a removable 22V Lithium-ion battery, the AirRam gives you up to 40 minutes of runtime with each 4 hour charge*. A handy 4 stage LED display indicates how much charge is left in the battery. 

What I Think about the AirRam MK2

Assembly really is 5 minutes. I plugged the Vaccum in for about 4 hours and it was fully charged you can tell when this is done as the green bar is completely full. You are ready to get cleaning.  This vacuum cleaner is really light to manoeuvre but the suction packs a punch. The handle is very lightweight and would be perfect for anyone especially the elderly. 

It has a 40 minute run time according to the booklet but I found this vacuum lasted a lot longer than that. I have had this about three weeks and I have only had to charge it now. I vacuum about every two days. I have two dogs one of which is a dalmatian which sheds a lot. I have a three-bedroom house. I only Vaccum upstairs twice a month. I really like using this product. It has amazing suction and really cleans the carpets and floors. I find I am actually Vacuuming less often as the AirRam has done a really good job. 

I will mention this comes with no attachments. You would need to look at buying another product to really clean all the nooks and crannies. That is the downside for me. I am still having to use my old vacuum for the hard to reach areas. 

 The Emptying on this vacuum is the best I have seen on any vacuum. It is so simple. You just unclip the unit. You will have seen that if you watched the youtube But it has an extra little feature. A little sliding thing which pushes all the dirt to the end so there is nothing left in the chamber. This is genius. So simple and so effective. It is also really easy to clean the filter. You just pop it out to clean it. 

There has been so much thought put into this floor cleaning machine. It really does go the extra mile. It cleans your floors with ease and leaves them deep cleaned and looking fresher than any other vacuum I have ever had. It is just so well thought out. I love the little lights on the underside of the unit this making harder to reach areas easy to see and cleaning easier. If you are in the market for a lightweight Vaccum cleaner than I would recommend this one to you, you. will not be disappointed with this cleaner. 

For more details on this Vacuum head over to the Gtech website

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