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Reasons your staycation needs to be in Devon

I am in a very fortunate position as my lovely inlaws live in Torbay Devon and we normally spend around 6 weeks a year down in Devon. I love it down there. In my opinion, it is one of the most beautiful parts of the UK. Being in Devon to me is like being abroad. It has a lovely climate, it is warm most of the year and has a Mediterranean feel.  Making it the perfect staycation location.  It has everything you can want from spiralling beaches, warm water and lots of cultures.  I thought it would be fun to share with you why I think Devon is the best place for your staycation this year. Please make sure to check the government guidance before booking a trip. It is super important to follow the rules, so we can all enjoy our holidays in a safe and fun way. 

The accommodation 
Devon has some of the most beautiful hotels and apartments in the country. It is safe to say you can not find nicer places to stay than in Devon. From stunning modern flats to a gorgeous manor house. Whatever your style there is accommodation for you. Check out for the best deals on staycation apartments and hotels in Devon. I have used for lots of my own trips in the UK and I can highly recommend them. They have so many amazing accommodation choices you will be spoilt for choice. No matter if you have a big or small budget there is something for you. 

The food
Devon is known for its seafood, there is no getting past that. It has a rich and varied history with fishing. Brixham in Devon is still one of the UK busiest working harbours and there is nowhere like it for being able to try freshly caught seafood. You can even go an watch the fishing boats land their catch. If you are looking to try and award-winning fish and chip shop then you need to head to The Rockfish Brixham. They have more awards than they know what to do with. 

Of course, there is the other end of the scale too. Devon has some of the UK best fine dining restaurants. It has no less than four Michelin star restaurants. If fine dining is your thing you are covered too.

Free things to do
There are so many things to do in Devon I thought I would give you a list of free things to do. I know a lot of people are struggling at the moments. Most of these will only cost the price of a parking ticket. There is no free parking in Devon that I have found. 

  • Beach day - There are so many amazing beaches in Devon. Why not pack a picnic and head to the beach. Devon has some of the warmest water I have ever swum in so take advantage of the sea and have some fun in the water. There are so many things to do at the beach besides sunbathing. What about rock pooling check out what is in the rockpools. I have also spotted dolphin and lots of seals whilst walking at the beach so look out for them. 
  • Walks - If like me you like to walk. Devon is the place to be, there are so many wonderful walks. From coastal paths to walks around villages to Dartmoor national park. Whatever you heart desires you will find a walk to do. 
  • Go watch the fisherman unload their catch. Head to Brixham and watch a working harbour. I personally love doing this. I am from a fishing village and it is so relaxing and interesting to watch. 
  • Head to Dartmoor at night to stargaze. There is no light pollution up there so take advantage of this and go spotting. I recommend downloading one of the free stargazing apps so you can see what stars and planets you can see. 
  • Go and see the wild ponies in Dartmoor. The first time I went to see the Ponies I couldn't believe the numbers of them. It is lovely to see them so free and happy. 
  • Walkabout Exeter's Historic Quayside. It is like stepping back in history. I love history and you are spoilt for choice in Devon.  
There is so much to see and do in Devon you will not be disappointed with at staycation in there. I have not put in any of the amazing local attractions in this post as I am unsure of opening times and guidance for these with the current climate. Please check before booking any trip that there is no local or government guidance in place before you make your booking. 

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