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How to overcome the fear of the dentist and what to use to keep your teeth in the best condition

Today we are talking teeth. I have had a bit of a long journey with my teeth. When I was little I had a nightmare of a time at the dentist and this, in turn, leads to me eventually needing to have veneers on my front two teeth. To say I have a fear of the dentist would be an understatement. I also ironically worked in a dental clinic for a while. We asked the expert dentists at Vallance Dental Centreabout how to overcome the fear of the dentist and also how to keep your teeth in tip top condition.  


Fear is a funny thing if you don't have it you just don't understand the feeling you get when thinking about the certain thing that gives you the fear. I had a lot of traumatic experiences as a child at a dentist and I still get the same fear I had then before an appointment.  There is good news I have been able to overcome these fears. Don't get me wrong I will never be happy about a dental appointment. 


You need to have trust in your dentist. When I moved to a new area I decided to be completely honest when making my inquires into a new dental practice I was upfront about my phobia and fears. This is where my experience changed. The receptionist was lovely and so understanding and actually recommended which dentist I should see as she specialised in patients with fears. Enter my dentist Kate. Kate was a breath of fresh air. To say this one woman changed my opinion of dentists would be an understatement. She was so lovely and patient with me. She really understood my fear and would book extra time in my appointment to help me get through the whole process. She knew I was needle phobic and would make sure I never ever seen a needle. She would do the right about of telling what she was doing and not scaring me. I was Kates patient for years before she eventually moved away. The moral here is speak to people they will help you. You do not have to sit in silence. I would not be able to attend my new dentist if it wasn't for Kate. She really brought the kindness and patience I needed to overcome my fears. The best thing to do is to get children into a Pediatric Dentist as soon as you can and build on trust from a very young age to stop any fears like mine developing. 

What to use for the best teeth

My time in working in a dental practice taught me how to look after my teeth. Let me help you to perfect your dental regime. Let me show you what I do to keep my teeth in tiptop condition.  


You need to use the best toothpaste. My favourite is Colgate Total advanced deep clean toothpaste I love this toothpaste It really does what it says it deep cleans your mouth. It is formulated with polishing micro-particles. It fights plaque between the teeth and gets into all the hard to reach area. Not only that but it fights bacteria on your tongue cheek and gums. This antibacterial system will help fight plaque and tartar. This protection will last 12 hours. Which is perfect as you should brush your teeth in the morning and at bedtime. It also tastes really nice and keeps my breath fresh for ages. The perfect toothpaste in my opinion. 


You need to use the right toothbrush for you. Do you know what the meaning behind the words on toothbrushes? Do you use firm, medium or soft? Do you know that most dentist will recommend a soft bristle toothbrush and a firm toothbrush can cause more damage than good? So don't be scared to ask your dentist for there recommendation for what to use. 

Tongue scraper

Do you clean your tongue? Well, you should. Did you know that most cases of bad breath come from the build-up of bacteria on your tongue? So if you don't already buy yourself a tongue scraper and get that bacteria and dead cells off your tongue for a nice and clean and smell free mouth. 

Dental floss

Dental floss or dental brushes. These are for removing the build-up between your teeth. You are meant to floss or brush between your teeth once a day do you do this? You can use floss you can buy anywhere or you can actually buy little brushed for this task. The brushes are not a once size fits all. They come in different sizes. Do ask your dentists they will be able to advise you of the right-sized. Keep your gums and in between your teeth clean and healthy. 


Do not use mouthwash after you brush your teeth. Yes, I just said that. Mouthwash is for refreshing your mouth. It is not for swishing around after you brush your teeth this will remove all the good work your toothpaste is doing. The best time to use this is after lunch. Most mouthwashes contain fluoride so this will help your mouth stay fresh and help fight the plague. 

I hope you found this post helpful. 

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