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Easy ways to change the ambience of your living room

For all of us, our homes are important places. They are where we spend most of our time, so you want everyone to feel comfortable and enjoy being there. Creating the right ambience is key to making sure that this is the case. Let's face it we are all spending more time at home just now. The way you decorate your home has a big impact on how welcoming it feels. It is particularly important to get the look and feel of your living room right. This is because that is the place you are likely to spend the most time as a family. It should be a place that reflects your style and make you feel happy and content.

The right wall art
What you put on your wall has a big impact on how a space feels. By using some canvas prints or wallart you can give your living room a fresh new look without you needing to alter too much in your house. The fact that you can potentially have any image turned into prints to put on your walls makes it easy to create the ambience you really want.
You can go any way with wall art from framed prints to posters to tapestries your choices are endless. This is the perfect place to make your mark on your living room. What is your style? More Personal add some fun canvas prints of you family or travels? Are you an art lover why not get a framed print of your favorite painting. Are you a crafter why not get a nice tapestry for your home. I find wall art a really nice way to add your own touch to your living room. This is also the perfect method if you live in rented property as you will not be damaging the property but giving the room some of your personal style.

Use the right materials to create the vibe you want
The materials you use makes a big difference to the overall look you achieve. I used a lot of wood when I made over my living room a few years ago. This had the effect of giving the room a more natural feel, which is what I was after. Also think about adding things like different textured throws and pillows these are simple thing which can change the whole vibe of your home.
The right colours and textures
Understanding the impact certain colours have on the way you feel is an important skill that is worth learning. It will stand you in good stead when you redecorate. Choosing the right colour palette is important. For example, if you are after a minimalist look you would use mainly light or neutral colours.
You should also look at the way you use texture. Choosing the right fabrics and finishes can have a big impact. If you are after a natural look and feel, try using fabrics like Jute and linen. They look fantastic and on a subconscious level, most people associate these materials with nature. They know they are made from natural materials, so quickly make the connection and pick up on the earthy vibe you are trying to create.
Create the right type of focal point
Every living room should have a focal point. If you are trying to create a cosy, warm ambience make your fireplace the point of focus. Nothing says cosy like a roaring fire. Think about the wall art you place above the fireplace as this is where the eye will be drawn to im the room. If you are thinking cosy then you need to think about the colours in your wall art to continue this theme. I would use a warm sunset framed print like the one above this giving you the feeling of warmth even when your fire is not alight.
Whereas, if you are after an edgier feel making the TV the focal point could be the way to go. For a chill out or den style living room, a large ornament of say Buddha or someone in a yoga pose could work as the statement piece. There are lots of options, you just need to be creative and not be afraid to experiment.
The ambience of your living room will determine how you feel in the room. So take your time an decided what you want to feel in that room. I hope my helpful tips have helped you to achieve your dreams. 

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