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The home improvements mistakes that could cost you money in the long run.

Well it looks like a lot of the UK will be spending more time at home in the next few weeks. Which can only mean one thing right? It's time to plan that project you have been putting off. Today I want to talk about the things you can do in your home which will cost you money in the long run and how to remedy these. It is so easy to just think about your home as your house but it is also your investment. Even if you are not thinking about moving any time soon you want your home to look and feel great and to also make you money if you need it right? 

There are two room in your home that can make or break your house sale. Do you know what they are? The kitchen and bathroom. These are the two room that would put a buyer off your house or make them make a lower offer. These two rooms are the most redone after a house sale. People will buy a house with the intention to rip. 

We spoke to the experts at houseup, who provided us with these expert tips on home improvements and refurbishments.

The Kitchen 

The kitchen is the heart of your home. It is where you spend a lot of time and it can be a pleasure or a chore. Yes I went there. Sorry but who doesn't love a pun. There are so many reasons you might want to change your kitchen up. You are bored of it or it might not be working for you or it's just not your style. 

When we moved into this house I would have loved to have a new kitchen. It is all black and this makes it so dark. Which I find quite depressing. 

My first thought is to change the kitchen worktops. Honestly black is not for me in the kitchen. I like light and airy rooms. Not only are my kitchen worktops black but there are black tiles on the walls. The kitchen is already at the back of the house. The light at this time of year up here in the highlands is very limited so when you are making dinner it is very dark. The tiles and worktops add to this. I think any potential buyer would automatically want a new kitchen and this would go hand in hand with their offer they would put in and affecting the final price of the house. 

Don't get me wrong if black is your style go you but it is not mine and it really does not work in my dark kitchen. I would swap out my black units for Quartz Worktops in a light colour. I love the one in the photo above. This would be my dream. I think Quartz worktop are stunning I love the way they look and the detail in them. I love gem stones so this look of work tops is just stunning in my opinion.  Plus this is a nice modern look making it perfect for proteinal buyers.

It is important to not only think about what you like but also what would sell if you need to move house. You have to have a balance because as I have said this is not just your house it is your investment. So think hard before you make any big decisions that would cost you a lot to undo. 

The Bathroom

The bathroom in your home should be your sanctuary. It should be your little room of bliss. You should be happy to spend time in there. Let's face it you are in there a lot. Whether you are going to the toilet or having a nice soak in the bath. 

Here is a little tip. The first thing I do when viewing a house is turn on the taps and shower. I want to see if you have good water pressure. This can be a deal breaker for me. I love a good shower. I have fine hair and have you ever tried to get conditioner out of your hair with no water pressure? Let me tell you that is enough to put me off a house. 

Also if there is no shower in your home I would not buy it. I have seen this. My first thoughts are why? Why no shower. I would assume you have water or electric problems. Which could cost me a fortune to repair. So make sure you have a working bathroom in your home if you want to sell your property or be prepared for low offers on your home. The rest of the house could be perfect but this for sure would make me not buy this house. 

Another thing to think about is not having a bath. This is becoming a bit of a trend but for me I love a bath. I would be looking at how I could add a bath to the house and this again affect the price I would put in for the house. I know you might not want a bath anymore but you must think to the future. This is your biggest investment not just your home. 

It is so important to love you home but it is a big investment and you need to have that in the back of your mind. I remember my friend telling me that she would have never painted her house in such bright colours had she known she would need to sell it so soon. She said it took weeks to get the house ready for sale and undo her bright paint. Yes it was her style but the estate agent told her to get rid of it asap. Which she did but she never painted her house such bright colours again. She now uses her furnishing as her bold statements. 

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