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How to calm a busy mind

 Well, we are all in a strange situation and I don't think any of us saw 2020 as being the year we all spent more time at home but here we all are.  I want to talk about things you can do to help calm your busy mind. This year has been very stressful. This world we are living in is different and we all have new stresses and challenges to contend with. If you are a long time follower of my blog you will know I have battled mental health issues most of my life. I am a huge advocator for mental health awareness. So let me share with you some of my go-to methods for calming a busy mind and rebalancing and taking control of any stresses


I am a fitness addict I love to keep fit not only for my body but for my mind. One of the best ways to regain some clarity and bring a busy mind back to the present is to practise yoga. I love yoga not only for its mental and physical benefits but it is one of the only fitness programs where you just need to invest in a good yoga mat.  

Top tip - Buy a good yoga mat. I will save you the time and hassle of buying cheap mats. They don't last and are not a good investment. You need a mat that is comfy and grippy. A mat that when you are practising yoga, you will not end up moving around your room because the mat is not good enough quality and doesn't stick to the floor. Your mat should stay put and you will get the best out of your practice, not spend the whole session chasing your mat around the room. Believe me, I have been there. 

There are so many good Yoga practices on Youtube. I find when my mind is spinning spending some time on the yoga mat practising yoga makes me feel so better. Do not worry you do not have to have done yoga before to start. There are so many amazing free beginner yoga programs. Why not give it a try. If you are a more advanced yogi, then trying out one of the AllYogaTraining YTT courses may be suitable. A YTT course is a great way to expand your yoga knowledge and abilities.

Guided meditation. 

This is a fantastic way to recentre your mind. I find a lot of really good guided meditations through youtube. I like guided meditations not only for quieting and re centering my mind but also for helping me go to sleep. I will lie down on my yoga mat and palms up and listen to the guided meditation. I find this such a nice way to get back into the moment and find a bit of calm. 


In the past I have had Cognitive behaviour therapy (CBT) here is where I found the wonderful world of lists. Some people us mind maps and some people like me use lists. You can take a pen and paper and write down your thoughts. I like to write down my worries. What I do is I write down what is concerning me and then I leave it for a few minutes. Then I think what would I tell my best friend if she came to me with these problems and I write that besides the list. It is funny that if you do this you can really see how you are over analysing problems and finding solutions. 

I also write list of things I am thankful for. This is a great way to remember what you are really thankful for and how lucky we all are. 


I have covered yoga as a great way to keep fit but fitness in general needs to be mentioned. I have been into fitness for a while. I use is as a way to get out of my head. If I am getting to in my head I will either jump on my mat and do some HIIT or yoga or hit my turbo trainer and spin out a few miles. I really find doing a workout a really good way to get my endorphins pumping and get back in to the moment. There is nothing quite like getting a sweat on to make you really feel back in the present. 

The one thing I will say about fitness you need to find your fitness. By this I mean what do you like to do? I am a mountain biker you will know this if you are a long time follower. So I training with mountain biking in mind. I like to work on my body with weights and on the turbo trainer. If you don't like what you are doing your will not keep doing it. So find your fitness whether that is yoga or running or dancing find your fitness and find something your will love. This will make you more likely to continue to do it. 


This might seem like a strange one when we are talking about quieting your mind. But talking is a very good way to get your thoughts out. You don't even have to talk about what is worrying you. Just calling up an old friend and catching up can take you out of your busy and over active mind. Talking is so important to us as humans. Communication is key. Remember you are not alone. You have people who care and respect you and just talking to them will make you feel better and more grounded. 

I want you to know you are not alone everyone goes through periods of having an overactive mind and there are lots of coping mechanisms out there. You matter and so does your mental health. 

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