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Modern professions that you can do from home

The pandemic situation has brought upside down in all areas of human life. Within these areas, the labour sector could not be missing, with huge economic changes and consequences for everyone. The majority of the world now works under a teleworking regime, which was considered a "privilege" of the few until a few years ago. This form of work, which came to stay in our lives, has changed working as we know it, creating new development and creation opportunities. So on the occasion of what is happening around us, we searched and found jobs that one could do from the comfort of one's home, for as long as this period lasts (and after it ends). You can view a salary comparison online to see what each field you're interested in could pay, too. After all, working while wearing your pyjamas has a different feel, doesn’t it?

Author on site

If you were good at writing exercises and literature lessons at school, if you have a working computer and an even more reliable internet connection, if your writing is not limited to the supermarket shopping list, then you can move on to the next round. Since your work results are 99% left to the use of the computer, your physical presence in your workplace is no longer necessary. Once you have agreed on the number of topics you need to publish in conjunction with your other responsibilities, for the smooth flow of site content, then you can stay in the warmth of your knitted blanket and work even from your bed if you wish.

Social Media Manager

If you do a quick search on job market ads today, you will often find social media managers looking to increase their business/company momentum. In fact, many of them talk about working remotely, since no physical presence is required. So if you use social media as an influencer and you have knowledge from google ads, it is very likely to secure a permanent income from your home.

Customer Service / Telephone Support in the e-shop

As you will have understood, e-commerce has risen so much that online stores are constantly mushrooming, while the physical stores are rushing to match the market's needs, creating, in turn, the electronic version of their store. As a result, it is only natural that telephone support positions may arise in the systemization department. Without a physical store, as you realize, no physical presence is required for this, and you can work from home while also peeking at the simmering food you're cooking in the kitchen. Let's face it; we all do it sometimes. Even if there is a physical store, the external partner's solution is preferred most of the time, so teleworking is a great opportunity.

Voice Actor

This particular profession choice may confuse many, but we are talking about a profession that offers many development opportunities. Initially, a voice actor creates or rather records audio content that can be used in a variety of media, from TV and radio spots to movies and videos on YouTube. The options and possibilities are truly innumerable.

The voice actor also has the advantage of working from home. Setting up his/her "personal" recording studio, with the necessary equipment, can undertake the whole process, constantly developing his/her knowledge and skills. Voice acting is a profession that has existed for years, but due to the internet's evolution, it now offers countless job opportunities. Voquent agency is continuously looking for new actors to include them in its experienced team, offering competitive salaries but also working and creative freedom. Now it's your time to speak, literally.

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