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5 of the best and most classic fragrances.

One of my favriote things in beauty is actually perfume. I love perfume and how a smell has so much power. I have a heightened sense of smell I always have done since I was a child and I can smell things others can't. I only found this out when I was an adult. I never knew other people's sense of smell was not like my own. It is something you don't really talk about. 

It wasn't until I was older and chatting to friends.  My friends were telling me that it is very unusual that I can smell different notes in the perfumes, whiskey and wine.  When they can only smell the scent as a combined fragrance. 

I have a love affair with some scents but don't we all. I love the power of a scent. I used them to invoke memories. I will buy a new fragrance for a holiday or special occasion and when I smell it I will be transported to that memory. I think the power of a secret is underrated and we should all start to make it an important part of our lives. It can be so powerful. You can use the power of scent to lift your mood. You can use it to make you feel calm, to make you feel romantic, to make you feel invigorated. Scent is important in your life. 

One of my closest friends lost his sense of smell to covid and he can not believe the difference in his life. From everyday things like not being able to smell his favourite food to not being able to tell if the milk is off. He says it has really changed his thinking around scents. He said it was something he never really thought about until it was gone. 

Today I was to talk about 5 of my favourite and most classic perfumes. 


This scent transports me back to my childhood. CK One is a perfume by Calvin Klein It was the most lusted after perfume of my childhood. My friends and I wore it all the time. It was unisex and to me, it reminds me of that time of my life. All the nostalgic Calvin Klein perfume have an amazing way of
reminding you of a certain time in your life.

The notes of this scent
The Eau de Toilette opens with imaginative notes of juicy mandarin, papaya, fresh bergamot and lemon. The floral heart comes alive with the aromatic harmony of violet, jasmine, lily of the valley and rose, with nutmeg adding a slightly spicy touch. The base of the whole composition of the fragrance is a sensual combination of animal musk, cedar and amber.

2. Britney spears fantasy. 

Again with the nostalgia. I mean how can you not love Britney Spears fragrances. They are fun and fresh and fruity. This reminds me of nights out on the town, dancing and having fun with my friends. Of wearing apple bottom jeans and boots with the fur, You get the idea. 

The notes 

The initial scent of this Eau de Parfum has fruity notes of lychee, kiwi and quince. The middle notes of the fragrance will tantalise your senses with delicious white chocolate, sweet cupcake and floral notes of jasmine and orchid. The base notes of the fragrance are made up of woody notes, musk and orris root.
3. Chanel no5
This is the ultimate in classy and sophisticated fragrances and it reminds me of my grandmother. This fills me with warm and fussy memories of growing up watching my grandmother apply her make and putting her jewellery on. The bottle in its self floods my senses with memories but when I smell the fragrance it is an instant time machine back to my childhood. 

The notes 
First, you’ll notice aldehydes, ylang-yalng, neroli, and citrus notes. Then come the gentle notes of rose, lily of the valley, and jasmine. The whole composition rests on a base of amber, gourmand vanilla, and warm sandalwood with oriental notes of patchouli.

4. Dolce & Gabbana The one

This was lovingly gifted to me by a wonderful beauty editor friend for my wedding day. I remember smelling it for the first time and knowing this was the perfect fragrance for our wedding day. I wanted something that not only I liked but my husband would like. The fact that it was a lovely gift made it even more special. I always recommend having a very special never been worn before fragrance for your wedding day. This is not the place to wear your favourite scent that you wear all the time. This is special and it needs to be a celebration of your union. 

The notes 

This Eau de Parfum opens with a sparkling modern interpretation of the refreshing notes of bergamot, tangerine, juicy lychee, and peach. In the heart, a timeless aroma of whity lilly develops with a delicious, sensual intensity. Finally, the drydown reveals strong essences of vanilla, musk, and amber.

5. Armini Sì Passione

My new obsession is this Armani Si Passione. This is the fragrance I have been reaching for most of the last few months. It is grown up and yet so fun and alive with fragrance. This brings me back to now and makes me live in the moment and not the past this is a me at this age fragrance and it is incredible.  

The notes 

The fragrance opens with blackcurrant nectar combined with sparkling notes of pear. A sophisticated combination of vanilla, gentle rose petals, jasmine, and extraordinary heliotrope create a sensual fruity-floral scent which represents the contrast between a woman’s strength and sensitivity. The heart of the fragrance cedar wood and the woody Orcanox™, giving the perfume character and maturity.

I hope I have given you some new scents to discover or maybe to rediscover. I mean can you really live without re smelling CK one or Britney spears. I mean they are so classic and fun or how about a bit more class and a Chanel or Armini to bring you some new happiness. 

We all need to take the sense of smell more seriously and rediscover the healing and powerfulness that scent has on our body and minds. 

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