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How To Get On Track With Your Fitness Goals

Maintaining a regular fitness routine is essential for good health and hitting goals. However, it is not easy for everyone to maintain motivation.

Whether your goal is to improve your cycling performance or lift heavier weights. Fitness goals are good to have and you need to start thinking about what equipment you will need also. I recommend starting with a good set of weights and don't forget to order a good quality barbell pad these will make training so much easier for you too and set you on the right track to smashing your fitness goals. 

 So here is how to get on track with your fitness objectives.

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Join a gym
If you are someone that finds it difficult to get outside for a run or complete your exercise sessions at home, then you might find it more motivating going to a gym. Going to a gym means that you have made the effort to get there, so you might as well exercise. It is a great way to kickstart motivation and have access to everything you need to get fitter and achieve your goals.

You can join a gym like Fitness 19 to get your fitness journey started. Affordable gyms are out there and therefore, there is no reason to avoid attending a gym and reaching your fitness goals.

Be realistic
Whether or not you want to be super fit and healthy, you need to be realistic. If you don’t enjoy exercise but simply want to get fitter, then set a small goal. Slow and steady progress will be much more achievable for you.

Likewise, don’t aspire or aim to look like other people. You need to set yourself a goal that will make you happy and maximize your mental and physical health.

Find an exercise that you enjoy

A key to maintaining a regular exercise routine is to find an exercise that you enjoy. There is an abundance of exercises to choose from, it is all about trial and error until you find one that you love.

Plus, it is beneficial to choose an exercise that will help you achieve your specific goal. Should you want to get fitter, then you might need to incorporate more cardiovascular exercise so trying out various cardio activities will help you find one that you like.

Make a routine
You might not want to exercise every day, which is normal. It is advised to exercise around 3 to 5 times a week should you want to hit specific goals. However, do make sure to get in around 30 minutes of exercise a day for your physical health. A gentle walk is enough to fulfil this.

Furthemore, a routine will help you create a structure and ensure that you maintain the motivation to go. The routine should ensure that you make time to exercise as well as fit it around your lifestyle. The easier it fits around your lifestyle (work, personal life, etc) the easier it will be to exercise and keep up the good work.

Don’t push it
If you need a rest day from time to time due to lack of time or soreness, then make sure to take one. It will help you recover and not lose the motivation to work out.

The less you push it and work out when it feels right, the more consistent you will be. Slow and steady progress is better than none at all.

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