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5 ways to style a boho bedroom retreat

Are you looking to refresh your bedroom? If relaxed, informal and eclectic sounds like your vibe, it’s easy to turn your room into the perfect boho retreat that’s cosy and carefree.

Brighter and bolder than shabby chic, the boho aesthetic is characterised by a ‘more is more’ approach, with layers, textures, rich colours and patterns inspired by global artisans. Think vintage or handmade textiles, wood, wicker and natural materials, and thrifted furniture or accents – boho is a style that is easy on your budget. 

If you’re stuck on where to start, here are five ways to style your perfect boho sanctuary.

Mix and match your furniture

As a rule of thumb, try not to have your furniture matching. There’s no need to buy a new bedroom set; vintage pieces (yes, with flaws!) fit perfectly in a boho bedroom and help soften the look. Avoid large pieces made from dark wood and instead choose paler shades to keep your bedroom airy. They also make a cleaner slate for your other decor. Choose a low-profile bed and consider organic shapes and materials, such as wood, rattan, brass or copper. A chair, bench or blanket box at the end of the bed gives you extra space to relax and adds depth to your room.

Patterns and colour

Both patterns and colour are integral to creating a boho vibe. While more is more, be careful to balance the two to avoid overwhelm and allow space for the mind to rest. It’s a great idea to use white as a base to tie everything together.

Start by selecting a colour palette and use it to choose a large patterned area rug to place under your bed. The bigger the better – whether you have hard floors or carpet in your bedroom, aim to have the rug extend out at least a metre on either side of the bed and even more at the foot. Use this as a base for adding linen and accessories from the same tonal family. 

You can also add patterns through a feature wall, in cushions and linen, and in other wall decor. Don’t be afraid to use bright pops of colours that make you happy. 

Textiles, textiles, textiles

Layered textiles are at the heart of the boho look, and there’s no better place to go wild with them than in the bedroom. From your sheets to your quilt cover, blankets, cushions and throws, it’s easy to introduce a variety of patterns, textures and colours. Pick natural fibres such as linen, especially in summer, and in winter, introduce cosy velvets. Think tassels, frills, pom-poms and embroidery. There’s no need for perfection – aim for an unfussy, slightly undone look, rather than crisp edges and neat folds. It’s a great idea to choose a duvet that’s a size larger than your bed for extra coverage and volume. Add lots of throw cushions in a variety of shapes and sizes for extra luxury.

Don’t just stop at the bed linen. Tapestries, woven wall hangings and macrame will all help create a bedroom retreat you’ll never want to leave. Layer softer rugs with jute or other materials for a lush vibe.

Embrace your green thumb

Indoor plants are all the rage at the moment! If you’re a budding green thumb, there’s good news. Greenery is an essential facet of the boho look and an easy way to add to the relaxed and natural vibe. As a bonus, some species help filter the air to make your bedroom even more of a safe haven. Place larger plants at floor level, hang others from the ceiling and use vining plants on shelves and dressers to add organic texture. Choose planters that complement your decor – a great opportunity to introduce bold colours and patterns. 

Light it up

Create a cosy atmosphere with a mix of light sources, making sure you have at least one lamp close enough to the bed that is suitable for reading. Floor lamps, string lights and lanterns are all ways to add a touch of magic. Pendants made from rattan or natural fibres are a staple of the bohemian look. Tip: ensure you select warm vs cool bulbs to achieve this look. 

Other tips

A minimalist approach to a maximalist style might seem counter-intuitive, but if you’re not fully prepared to commit to the boho vibe, it’s easy to pare it back and take a more subtle approach. Consider a more neutral or earthy colour palette, opt for fewer patterns, or choose one or two boho elements to make a feature in your room. Use light and shade to create interest and steer away from a sterile look – pieces that are a little rough around the edges are ideal for achieving a softer vibe.

Boho is the perfect way to bring your personality into your bedroom, using your favourite colours, textiles and other personal touches – you’re limited only by your imagination. Don’t be afraid to let loose and have fun while you’re turning your room into a relaxing retreat that reflects what you love.

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