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What to Know Before Becoming a Professional Magician

Many children dream of becoming a magician. They are dazzled by the sleight of hand, enamored by the showmanship, and maybe just want to wear a cape and a cool hat.


Some people grow up to realize this dream right away, and others find themselves seeking a new career path later in life.


If you are considering becoming a professional magician, here are some things to consider on your path to magic.

First and Foremost, You Are an Entertainer

You might have the most complicated of tricks nailed down, or a breadth of tricks to share with audiences – but if you can’t put on a good show, people won’t want to come and see you.


Being an entertainer means luring audiences in with your charm and skill, keeping them on the edge, and making them want to come back for more.


Shows need to be infused with personality, and leave a mark that is distinctly yours.

Find Your Niche 

To that end, you’ll want to figure out what type of magician you are. Are you poised and serious, or carefree and funny? What is the character you want to portray while you’re on stage, and to what type of audience?


Some tricks may come easier than others to you. Figure out what you find to be the most enjoyable type of magic and focus on that.


Being comfortable with what you do will shine through in every performance.

Knowing this about yourself will also help you better market your act when it comes time to booking performances.

You Can Leverage Past Jobs

Some jobs you have already held can lend themselves well to your new career as a magician. Acclaimed actors, like Adam Wylie from Picket Fences, have made the transition to this type of career by utilizing their ability to adapt and relate to people to put on an interactive show.


Careers in which you are working with people and gaining their trust lend well to being a magician.

Remember That It Takes Time

No one becomes a professional overnight. Like any job or hobby, practice makes perfect and you’ll have to grind to see results.


Depending on how much time you have to dedicate to honing your craft, it could take years to become a professional magician.


As long as you are honest with yourself and set a realistic timeline, you won’t be disappointed.

You’ll Want A Good Network

Like the majority of the entertainment business, it’s truly about who you know. Make friends with other magicians, as they can be great sounding boards to bounce ideas off of and learn from.


They may also be able to connect you with people willing to take a chance on hiring new talent, thus getting your foot in the (stage)door.

Lean Into Your Passion

Don’t be afraid to let your love of magic totally consume you; there’s a reason you want to go pro, after all.


Letting the passion guide you will make it seem like less work, especially as you’re just beginning and practice seems long and gigs are hard to come by.


Recognizing what motivates you will keep you pushing past the hard times until you become established.

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