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Hoover anti-allergy upright review from a dog owner

Something I haven't really talked about in a long time is the fact I suffer terribly from allergies. I also have asthmas which are exasperated by dust. I am currently battling chronic sinusitis which is not helping matters at all and causing my allergies to get even worse. Here I need to mention I have two very lovely dogs. One is a springador and one dalmatian. If you have ever met a Dalmatian you will know that their hair gets everywhere, especially in casting season. Yes, you have guessed it, that season is right now.

To say all these things at one time are causing me real problems with my allergies would be an understatement. My house seems to be a hotbed of dust and allergens at the moment. I got to the point where I knew I needed to do something to try to help the situation. Here is where my over analyzing personality kicked in and after extensive research, it looked like the answer was actually a simple one it was time to buy a new vacuum. But not any run of the mill Vacuum no I need an anti-allergy one that can also tackle dog hair and the hardest to pick up dog hair.

We all know I spent a lot of time choosing the best one and I had to do a full review for you all so if you are like me you know what to buy and let's face stop you spending hours of your life searching for the best Vacuum available because I have done it for you.

Enter Hoover Upright 300 Vacuum Cleaner, Pets I am so excited to have a new vacuum and oh my gosh it was very needed in this house. I didn't realise how bad our old vacuum was until I used this for the first time. I am actually embarrassed to say that but it was gross how much was in my carpet that my old vacuum was obviously not able to get it out of it. 


The Hoover Upright 300 Vacuum arrived super fast which is very impressive considering I am based in the Scottish Highlands. It came all packed up neatly in the box. I really like how cleverly Hoover have done the packaging as there is no wasted space and everything arrived in perfect condition. 

So what's in the Box? 
There is the pet bagless upright vacuum cleaner. When I took this out of the box I was so shocked at how light it was. It is the lightest bagless Vacuum I have ever had. There is also The pet turbo brush and the 3 in 1 furniture hard to reach area nozzle and of course the instruction manual. The manual is really clear and has lots of pictures too
I was shocked by how easy it was to set up the HU300. The instructions are easy to follow but it basically clicks on the handle and plugin and you are ready to get rid of the dirt in your carpet. I love a simple and easy to use the product. How many times have I bought something only to spend an hour trying to figure out how it works., Luckily this is not the case with the Hoover upright 300 and I am so glad. 

The two extras the pet turbo brush and the furniture nozzle have little stands on the back of the machine to store them away until you need them. 

How to use the attachments. 
At first, I was a bit like mmm how do the attachments work? But they couldn't be simpler. They attach to the bottom of the hose. Which makes them really easy to use and perfect for stairs and sofas. I really like this design no more getting tangled in extra long hoses. 

The first use to now two weeks later. 

I have to admit I was first interested in the HU300 after seeing the advert on TV. It just sounded perfect for me. It is lightweight under 5 kgs making it really easy to manoeuvre around my house. This was important to me because my last vacuum was clunky and hard work to use. I mean I do not need a workout cleaning my house. If I want a workout I will hit the gym and not clean my house. 

I am really surprised with how agile and steerable the Hoover upright 300 pets is it has an 80-degree steering angle and this makes it so easy to get into the even hard to reach areas of my house and there are plenty of those.

When I am using the vacuum I can actually see all the dust being pulled out of the carpet. The Hoover upright 300 pet has allergy care H13 HEPA filter this is a washable filter which traps allergens and helps to purify the air in our homes. It also used Advanced multi-cyclonic technology to push dust away from the filter which helps to keep it cleaner for longer too. 

From my first use to my last this morning. I have found the suction the same. I should mention a few things about my household. We are very hard on Vacuums as I mentioned I have two dogs but I haven't mentioned the fact that myself and my husband are mountain bikers. No I know what you are thinking why are you mentioning that? Well, we are not fair-weather bikers we go out rain or shine and are more than happy to be covered head to toe in mud and as much as we do try the mud does come home with us and into our carpets. So we do tend to really put a vacuum to the test. Not only with the hard to remove pin-like dalmatian hair but also two very muddy bikers the HU300 has had its work cut out for it.

We do have mostly carpet in our house but we also have laminate in our kitchen and I should also mention that the HU300 tackle wooden or laminate flooring with ease too. It has a little switch on the head you can flip taking you from carpet to wooden flooring.

The conclusion.
So what you're reading this for? Would I recommend this Hoover upright 300 pets vacuum to you? The answer is yes. Since I have been using this vacuum I have found my allergies have gotten better and I am having fewer adverse symptoms and I am even using my inhaler less. I know right that in itself should sell you this vacuum. But also if you are a dog owner/parent yes I am that person. This picks up hairs better than any other vacuum I have ever had and believe me I have had a few. 

The Hoover upright 300 pet is actually on sale on the Hoover site at the moment so if you are considering it. Then I would go check it out now. I mean who doesn't love a sale.

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