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The 5 best excursions to do from Hurghada Egypt

If you have been following me for a while you will know Hurghada Egypt has a very special place in my heart. Hurghada is where my now husband proposed many years ago. I have loved Egypt for years but that was our first trip to Hurghada and it made it a very special place for us. 

When most people think of Hurghada they think of the typical sunshine holiday. stunning white sandy beaches, beautiful all-inclusive hotels, incredibly hot weather and of course the culture. Yes, it is all those things but it is also so much more. You see you might be mistaken to think Hurghada only caters for people looking to relax in the sun and have a low pace holiday. But I am here to tell you it also caters to us adrenaline junkies and adventurers too. 

Don't get me wrong I love a relaxing break like everyone but I am always on the lookout for an adventure. Today we are going to talk about the 5 best excursions in Hurghada you can do on your holiday.

egypt pyramids

1. Cairo by plane. 

I bet you never thought you could combine seeing the three great pyramids of Giza and the Great Sphinx whilst you were staying in Hurghada. This would be top of my list when I head back to Hurghada.  I want to get my Indiana Jones on and go explore these sites. 

This trip also includes a trip to the Egyptian museum in Cairo and you end the day with a Nile cruise. I know what you are thinking this sounds super expensive but actually it is so affordable. You can do the Cairo Private Trip by Plane Hurghada for between £200 to £300 depending on the season. You even have the option of limo transfers if you are feeling super fancy. I mean could there be a better day? 

tropical waters in eqypt

2. Submarine Excursion Hurghada

Oh my gosh, so this is a bucket list trip for me. I absolutely love to snorkel and I have been obsessed with the ocean since I was a child. Growing up with a fisherman father and in a rural fishing village in the Scottish highlands the sea and oceans have always been a big part of my life. As soon as I went on my first abroad holiday I was obsessed with Snorkeling and this, in turn, gave way to my obsession with glass bottom boats. 

I am not a diver so I don't have the chance to see what it is like in deep water and this submarine excursion will give you the chance to see fish and other mammals that you can't normally see. I love just looking at the different colours of seaweed and coral. This sounds incredible. 

parasailing in egypt

3. Parasailing Trip from Hurghada

I have Parasailed before in Ibiza at sunset. That sounds really romantic, doesn't it? It was on a girl's trip. I have a fear of heights but I loved it. This one is for the adrenaline junkies. There is nothing more fun than parasailing in the warm weather of Egypt. You can see for miles and it is a feeling of freedom and wonderment that you can only get from this activity. 

There is something so wonderful about being about the water and soaring about the speedboat. You need to try it to really know what I mean and there is no better place to do it. 

fishing in egypt

4. Fishing Trip in Hurghada

This might not seem a shock if you have read the above. It is a no-brainer for me to do a fishing trip whilst in Hurghada. Fishing here in Scotland can be a bit of a cold affair but fishing in Egypt is totally different. Fishing in the warm sounds awesome. Plus I just love being out on the ocean on a boat. 

Not only that but you will have the chance to catch fish you can only dream of here in the UK. There are so many amazing fishing opportunities in Hurghada. You even get the chance to cook your catch on the boat. There is also an opportunity to get off the boat and have a swim where snorkel masks and flippers are provided. Sign me up. 

jeep safari in egypt

5. Super Jeep Safari Excursion Hurghada

This is one of the excursions I did whilst in Hurghada. This is a really fun trip. You get to have a really fun ride in a jeep through the desert near Hurghada. This alone is really worth it and I loved seeing the desert this way. 

You also get to do a camel ride. This was good fun and not what I expected at all. But my favourite part of this trip is you get to go to meet the Bedouins and get to learn about their culture and their living. This was such a lovely part of the trip and it really opened my eye to how the Bedouins live. 

Lastly, you have dinner under the stars with traditional Egyptian dancers. This is a beautiful ending to this fantastic day. 

I hope this has helped you choose the best trips in Hurghada. 

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