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My top 3 bucket list travel destinations in 2023

It's finally a new year and I am not the new year new me person. I believe in being consistent with health and fitness goals I am an athlete after all. But there is one thing I do like to do in January every year and that updates my bucket list. My Travel bucket list that is. 

I love to travel it brings me so much joy. There are 3 major updates this year and I want to share them with you. You see I am trying the whole put it in the universe and see if it manifests itself. Because well it's worth a shot right? 

I want to try a more positive outlook this year and travel makes me so happy. I love to see and do new things and I find travel is a really important part of who I am. I have been travelling since I was seven and I just love other cultures and history. 

beautiful bridge in san francisco

1. San Francisco 

You need to know a couple things about me. I love history and I love true crime. I have had San Francisco on my list for so long. There are so many unquiet and interesting things about this city. Not only is it a mecca for outdoor activities and adventure but with its beautiful beaches and sunshine it is just a wonderful place to visit. 

Let's face it there are so many San Francisco Tourist Attractions that it's hard to know where to start. But I actually have a list of attractions I want to see in San Francisco already. 

But you all know where I am going first Alcatraz. One of the creepiest places on earth in my opinion and I am so ready to go and see it. Then there is The Natural history museum I am not going to lie I am going to see the dinosaurs. If I was only to choose one more I would head to the San Diego museum of art to see the Spanish old masters. 

Then you know I am going to get more active and get on my mountain bike and enjoy some of the amazing trails around the area. Of course with some time relaxing at the beach and enjoying the food and drink. 

ice berg in iceland

2. Iceland 

I mean does Iceland need to introduce the home of the northern lights and some of nature's most wonderful and awe-inspiring landscapes.

I have had Iceland on my bucket list for years. It is like a completely different world but it also gives me some feelings of home. 

I already know I would stay in Reykjavik this is the best base for all the activities I want to do. I want to do a northern lights cruise. I mean what an unquiet way to experience the northern light but out at sea. I am super lucky here in the Scottish highland and I have seen the northern lights a few times but I think they are more magical up in Iceland. 

I would book the Blue Lagoon. I mean who doesn't want to bathe and relax in the natural thermal waters of Iceland. I would also book a trip around the island to see the Gaiser and the waterfalls. I have seen photos of these and they look almost not real with their majestic beauty. 

canadian forest
3. Canada 
We all know I am a mountain biker and Part of my job is being one. There is a mecca of mountain biking and that is Whistler in British Columbia Canada. Living with Fort Willam as my local trail I am spoilt but to us mountain bikers the ultimate place to go is Whistler. 

I have wanted to travel to Canada since I was a child. I would see it on films and TV and always thought wow It is like Scotland but much bigger. I am so ready to make this dream a reality. One of the main reasons I wanted to go was to see bears in the wild. Luckily there are lots of trips to do this safely and not disturbing them in their home. 

If like me you are into extreme sports whistler has you covered they have everything from mountain biking, climbing, hiking, and canyoning. But there are also so many things to do for a more relaxed trip like enjoying the lost lake with its beautiful waters. The mountain is beautiful and imposing just being in them is a treat in itself.  

I could mention the food and drink and the fun and friendly Canadians but you all know that already. 

I hope you enjoyed my updated travel bucket list. Will I manage to check any off this year? You will have to wait and see.

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