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Who Can Benefit From Therapy & Mental Health Support?

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Taking care of our mental health is something more and more people are starting to take seriously and work towards. As a society, we are increasingly recognizing that our emotions and mental states need tending to just as much as our physical fitness does, and that there are a wide range of reasons you might want to reach out to a therapist or get counseling. 

We associate taking these steps with the more obvious reasons like grief and addiction, but mental health support has unlimited use cases, because ultimately, these resources are just designed to make our lives better. According to Amend, a Malibu treatment center, “mental health intervention helps a wide range of individuals - people going through career transitions, people dealing with childhood trauma, people who are addicted to social media, people who want healthier relationships and people who just want a different perspective. People in different situations and circumstances can benefit from mental health support.” 

Here are some situations where mental health treatment can be beneficial. 

People Dealing With Career Burnout 

Burnout is a state of physical, emotional, and mental exhaustion caused by prolonged and excessive stress. It can affect anyone, especially if you work in high-stress environments, have a lot of responsibilities or if you’re not making enough room for rest in your schedule. If left unchecked, burnout can lead to serious health problems, career derailment and many other issues. Mental health support can help you eliminate burnout by helping you understand its root cause and start implementing healthier ways of working. 

People Seeking Relationship Improvement 

Relationships are a source of great joy and purpose in life, but they can also subject us to stress when they are filled with conflict. Every human being comes with their own baggage and when we get into relationships with other people, those things can become triggers and causes of arguments, and they can even be destructive if they go unchecked. Therapy can help each person in the relationship be healthier so that the relationship is stronger. 

You don’t have to reach out for mental health support when your relationship hits a rough patch. Very often, healthy relationships are made even better by just taking the step of going to therapy. Whether you and your partner want to communicate better or you want to work on being a more present parent, you will benefit from talking to a professional. It’s important to note that it doesn’t always mean your relationship is bad, but it’s a proactive step that will pay off handsomely. 

People With Emotional Trauma

Therapy is known to be highly effective treatment for individuals who have experienced trauma, but what we consider trauma isn’t just limited to the extreme cases. Sometimes trauma can be something seemingly innocuous like a throwaway comment made by a parent when you were younger. What people say can actually permeate how we feel about ourselves, causing things like issues with self-esteem later on in life. Therapy will help the individual identify the trauma and then heal from it so that it stops getting in the way of their happiness. 

People Going Through Life Transitions

Life comes with a lot of changes, and sometimes it’s hard to navigate them. Changing careers, breakups, getting married, moving to a new location and becoming a parent are all things that require us to completely shift from what we’ve always known and can come with new fears and challenges. Therapy can be helpful for individuals who are struggling to adjust to whatever new phase in life they are in so that they can transition more smoothly. You can even consider mental health support to help you make a decision about a change in your life so that you do what’s right for you. 

People Seeking Personal Growth

Even if you are not struggling with a specific mental health issue, therapy can be a helpful tool for general personal growth and self-improvement. That’s because mental health support provides resources that build up your confidence, help you understand yourself better so that you can build up your own sense of identity, which will help you in every area and aspect of your life. 

Even for the healthiest and happiest person, there are going to be circumstances where you just can’t push through on your own, or even with the support of family and friends. There’s absolutely no shame in this, it just means you have a huge opportunity for growth and if you reach out for help, you’ll see huge positive changes in your life. Being mentally well makes you a better human being, a better partner, a better parent, friend and colleague. It also empowers you to truly transform your life so that you’re truly happy and well-adjusted. 

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