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Technology changing the way we travel, but which products are best?

Technology has impacted most facets of society, the travel industry included. For holidaymakers, gadgets are the go-to accessory ahead of a vacation away. Technology is certainly part of a modern lifestyle as people embrace different forms of tech for various aspects of their lives. We have satellite navigation systems for our cars, popular apps in which we can order in food at the touch of a button, and health trackers which monitor our daily steps. 

The travel industry has also been inundated with various products that promise to make even the most menial of tasks go more smoothly, while others might simply keep you entertained during a long-haul flight or enable you to share the best images and video footage of a memorable adventure away. The products are comprehensive as innovation continues to grip various aspects of the travel industry, with travel gadgets being one of the most favoured options for travellers to sample at the moment. 

There are so many new advancements in technology. For example, Aolithium lithium-ion battery for travel is changing the game when it comes to batteries for campervans and is reliable and long-lasting too. 

Like with most genres, some products are better than others. To separate the good from the bad, here is a look at some of the best travel gadgets available to buy right now. 

DJI Pocket 2

We all want to capture memorable footage of a trip away, but it can be tricky getting the best footage possible. Increase your chances with the DJI Pocket 2, a miniature handheld camera that will provide you with shake-free footage thanks to its stable feel. The DJI Pocket 2 is both portable and lightweight too, making it ideal for any adventure abroad. 

Jetpack MiFi 8800L

Made by Verizon, the Jetpack MiFi 8800L provides holidaymakers with a solid and reliable internet connection while away on holiday. Whether you need the internet to keep friends and family updated on your movements or simply so you sample titles like the Fountain of Youth slot game during some downtime on your smartphone, then the Jetpack MiFi 8800L is a great option. You can connect up to 15 devices, it offers a solid network, comes with impressive battery life, and even works as a charger too. 

UE Wonderboom 2

A cheaper portable speaker than most others on the market but boasting impressive sound quality all the same, the UE Wonderboom 2 speaker offers big sound at less of a cost than other similar products do. The speaker is also drop-proof and water-resistant which can only be a good thing. The UE Wonderboom 2 also has 13 hours of battery life.

Bose QC35 II

Noise-cancelling headphones are a must when being on a flight or surrounded by noisy children around the pool, which is why products like the Bose QC35 II have been extremely popular with travellers in recent times. Not only do they look slick thanks to Bose’s usual impressive design, but they offer excellent sound quality, reliable Bluetooth, solid battery life, which lasts for up to 20 hours, and they’re incredibly comfortable to wear. 

Anker PowerCore 5000

Keep your smartphone charged up with the Anker PowerCore 5000. Only the size of a big lipstick, this minuscule portable charger works extremely well and is so tiny that it can fit into any pocket or bag while you embark on an escapade. 

Fire HD 8 Tablet

Small in size (and price) but big in terms of power, the Fire HD 8 Tablet is capable of hosting your favourite shows, books, and videos with its solid 10 hours worth of battery life. The Fire HD 8 Tablet is also impressively lightweight. Considering it’s a lot cheaper than a number of other tablets boasting similar qualities, it’s a fantastic option.

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