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Why Choose Carpets?

When you move into a new home or fancy updating your current home, there are so many things to think about and it can be overwhelming. I suggest you start from the ground up and start with the flooring. This is a great place to start. The flooring in your home is very important. Let's face it, you spend a lot of time walking around your house. Especially in the last year so it has to be perfect and what you really want.
With tons of new flooring options nowadays, does this mean people are turning their back on getting carpet? Of course not. Lots of people, myself included still prefer carpets over hardwood, tiles, laminate or vinyl in their houses. Getting a carpet for your home is beneficial in many ways. Today we have teamed up with Designer Carpet to talk about why you should consider choosing carpets for your home.

1. Style points

Carpets have always looked stylish. Carpets were established in the UK in the Victorian times. They were introduced to the aristocracy and were the height of fashion and signified great wealth and standing.

Now carpet has become a staple in every home.  They can really add to the decor in your home. No matter what look you are going for a nice carpet adds to the aesthetic of the room. There is nothing that looks more luxurious than a nice high pile carpet in a living room. 

You can use carpet to add to your ambience. You can make a statement with bright colours and really bring depth and substance to a minimal interior.

2. Slip Resistance
Your floor with carpets is more stable and you are less likely to slip on a carpet. With children playing in the house, they are likely to have trips and falls when running around the house. Let's face it, it is nicer to slip and fall on carpet than anything else as it cushions your landing. Getting a carpet can help protect not only your children but also yourself in the house. Imagine wearing heels on wet tiles… Come on, we have all been there? Just me? ouch.

3. Making You Warm
In the winter, You will be very thankful you have chosen your carpet. It adds warmth to your home. A carpeted floor is recommended in a colder climate like ours, carpet acts as a barrier between you and the stone floor. This will help to retain heat in your house. This makes your home warmer and feel more cosy. Who wants to walk on cold vinyl flooring in winter no one that's who. We all want to be cosy and warm in winter.

4. Noise Reduction
It’s quite simple. Carpets act as good sound absorbent compared to other flooring options. It prevents sound from traveling. Let's face it we have all noticed when our neighbours have gotten wooden flooring fitted. Clomp clomp clomp You can hear every move from simply walking to moving a chair to watch TV you can hear it a lot clearer if your neighbour has wooden flooring.
I would always recommend carpet if you live in a flat. Your neighbours will thank you for the extra soundproofing. But to be honest, carpet is the best option if you have any neighbours connected to your house.

5. Reduction of Allergies

You might not have thought about this but carpet is actually the best option if you suffer from allergies. Your carpet will capture all the dirt and dust in its weave. This can be easily vacuumed up and cleaned. This keeps the allergens in the carpet and not air-born where it will become a problem for you. So it is always best to choose a good carpet if you suffer from any form of allergies.

I hope you enjoyed this little post and it has helped you to choose carpets for your home.

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