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Down the range coffee review.

Today we are talking about one of my favourite little daily luxuries. Coffee. I have to come clean and admit I have not always been a coffee fan and I didn't start drinking it until my 20's. You see I am a bit weird like that. Having grown up in the highlands and only tasting cheap coffee granules I was not a fan of coffee.

I remember working many night shifts in a previous job and smelling other peoples coffee and wishing I liked it. My journey with coffee actually started with a trip to the doctors. I was going through a very rough period health-wise and I was diagnosed with a few things, one of which was low blood pressure. This was when I was told I need to drink 3 cups of coffee a day and up my salt intake. This was the day I started my coffee journey.

I found out rather quickly that I did in fact like coffee. I had just never tasted good coffee before. Sorry, cheap granule coffee, you are just not it for me. I have a rather refined coffee palette. I am overly picky and critical. I now see myself as a coffee connoisseur and am always on the hunt for my next coffee obsession. I take my coffee rather seriously you see. I have, of course, got a nice coffee machine in my kitchen along with cafeterias and other coffee-making gadgets and gizmos.

I want to introduce you to my new coffee obsession. When I write this I feel like I am letting you into a secret and I am not sure I want to share it, it is that good. But my job as a blogger and my oath to you all is to share the things I like even if this means sharing my favourite coffee with you and the worry the word will get out and it will sell out.

Ok, deep breath Let me introduce you to D.T.R.C Down the range coffee. Firstly let me talk about the company itself before we get into the coffee. Down the Range coffee is a veteran-run company with the owners having served the country in the military for over two decades. I am a huge supporter of our men and women of the armed forces. They are amazing people who fight for us and they do so without complaints. They leave their loved ones behind them and bravely go forth and do incredible things so we can all sit safely at home. So that alone has me supporting this company. Thank you for your service and what you did for your country. I appreciate you.

Down The Range Coffee motto is life is too short to drink mediocre coffee. I mean I couldn't agree more. They pride themself in their customer care and have signed the Armed forces Covenant.

Now we know a bit about them, let's talk about the coffee.

I got my hands on D.T.R.C's One-use Coffee bags. I love coffee bags and I have no idea why more companies don't offer these. They are just so convenient. I love these for our van conversion. They are great for travelling.

First I wish you could smell these Coffee bags. They smell divine. The coffee bags have 10g of Colombians finest blended coffee in each bag. You can smell that this is a quality product. We all know the smell of a product is important to me. Especially with something like coffee this can make or break a product for me.

All I do to make my perfect cup of coffee is boil the kettle and add the water. Leave the bag to infuse for about 2 minutes for a weaker cup or 3 minutes for a nice strong cup of coffee. This is a smooth coffee. It has a nice balanced smooth taste. I find it a creamy caramel coffee with a faint hint of nutty undertones. I add milk to mine. It makes a delicious tasting cup of coffee.

These coffee bags are biodegradable. Making them better for the environment than some I could mention. We all know who I am talking about. I love this well done D.T.R.C.

Down the Range coffee has the cheapest coffee bags on the market at 37p per cup. Making them a super affordable little everyday luxury.

They are really conveniently individually wrapped. This makes them perfect for popping in your handbag. I have also packed them in my hiking bag with a flask of hot water. I mean who doesn't love a nice fresh coffee up a mountain?

You can order these one-use coffee bags in 10, 100, 200, and 300. You can also set up a subscription, so you never run out of your new favourite coffee. If you subscribe you will receive a 10% discount on your order making the price per cup even cheaper. Win-win

In case you are wondering how much I love this coffee Here is my desk just as I was about to start writing this post.

I definitely recommend you try Down the Range coffee for yourself and see what you think. I am off to make myself another little cup for a little pick me up before I hit the bike.

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