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Framed & Fantastic: Capturing Mountain Biking Adventures in Timeless Frames

Being mountain bikers we are normally in some of the world's best and most scenic places. To do what we are passionate about we are blessed to be surrounded by mountains, forests and valleys. We travel a lot to do what we love and have no problem jumping on a plane to travel to far-off places to ride new more extreme trails.

If you are like me you will have a phone cram-packed with photos not just of your bike but of these beautiful memories full of adventures and stories. But these photos shouldn't just be sat on your phone forever they need to be looked at and enjoyed more often than the occasional phone scroll they deserve to be framed and treasured. 

This post is all about mountain biking photos but if you don't mountain bike just think about your own hobby and how you too can capture your adventure in a timeless and fantastic way. 

Let's talk about some reasons you need to capture your mountain biking memories in beautiful framed prints. I have just had some of my favourite mountain bike memories put in Rustic Wood Frames for my walls and I couldn't be happier with the results. They are going to look amazing on my wall. 

framed photo of two mountain biker at the top of a mountain in canada

Turning my adventures into wall art was so simple I used and I can't believe how easy it was to do. I chose my top mountain biking photos from the last few months. It was incredibly easy to do.  I just uploaded them to MYPICTURE. I chose the size of the frames I wanted. They have a big range from 20x20 to 80x60 there are so many size options. 

Then there is a choice of five different frame colours I went with walnut flair The darkest finish. The wood finish on the frames is even nicer in person than on the site. If dark wood isn't your style don't worry there are lighter options available too. They have something for everyone. 

Next, you can choose to have a fitting for hanging or not. Lastly, just add it to the cart. It was that simple to do. Framed memories were ordered in a couple minutes. I honestly can't believe how easy the process is. 

I have an amazing offer for you all. By using my discount code MISSLJ15 at checkout, it will give you a 15% discount on all products at The discount will go on top of any other discount active on the site, and the code is valid until 31.12.2023. 

So you too can get your framed prints at a fraction of the price. I might even order some for Christmas gifts myself. This is the perfect time of year to use this for gifts. 

My framed photos arrived so quickly and they look stunning and really high-quality I honestly can't believe they were so inexpensive to buy. They look so nice and I have had compliments on them already too. 
wooden framed photo of a mountain biker with her dogs and bike in the scottish highlands

Now I am going to give you some more reasons why you need to get your treasured biking photos turned into framed photos. I mean the big discount is reason enough but just in case you need more reasons. or in case someone in your home needs persuading why having more mountain biking imagery in your home is needed?
dark wooden framed photo of a husband and wife in front of waterfall

Preserving the Adventure 

We as bikers ride on rugged mountain trails with incredible views all the time and these backdrops offer once-in-a-lifetime moments. By framing these memories, you ensure they remain in the forefront of your memory and you can look back on them more often. I know I travel a lot and I can forget places I would rather remember. 

Visual Motivation - It is a thing

When you have finally accomplished that sketchy trail, that massive drop that has been in your head for years or got your child out on their bike for the first time.  These framed photos can be a great visual motivation to keep on pushing forward with your mountain biking journey. Do not underestimate the power of vision which will invoke memories and joy. Having a bad day go look at your framed jump photo that will bring a smile to your face or that big night out to celebrate the downhill track you all completed that day. Motivation is key. 

Conversation Starters 

We are mountain bikers, and we like to talk about biking. What if someone enters your home and doesn't know you are a biker or worse they don't know what bike you ride? How would you start the conversation? Okay, I am kinda of joking here but also not really. Nothing says I'm a mountain biker like a massive cycling photo taking centre stage in your home right? I mean who doesn't want to have conversations about mountain biking all the time?

Remembering to take some time to look at and create your own framed photos is important No matter what your hobby is. We all have hundreds of photos on our phones and if we don't make use of them then when are we going to look at them again?  So go on why not make some wall art for your home and really cherish those memories?

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