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Elegant Bridesmaid Dresses for a Winter Wonderland Wedding

Winter weddings exude a magical charm, depending on where you decide to have your wedding of course. A British winter wedding has visions of the landscape transformed into a sparkling icy wonderland. Making it magical and just a bit different as so many people opt for summer weddings these days. But A wedding in winter can be unquiet and special.  But, selecting the perfect bridesmaid dress for this chilly season needs extra thought and attention. Wedding planning is stressful enough. Without having to worry about the perfect bridesmaid dress for the cooler weather. 

Let's dive into a guide to discover the ideal blend of style, warmth, and comfort so even your most fussy bridesmaid will be happy with your choice.

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Emerald green elegant bridesmaid dress for winter wedding

1. Enchanting Velvet
Velvet is the quintessential winter fabric. Not only is it warm, but it also exudes luxury and class, making it perfect for winter weddings. It gives visions of winter wonderland, mulled wine and beautiful winter decor. If you are to think of a Hallmark movie wedding you can guarantee the bridesmaids are wearing an elegant velvet bridesmaid dress.  

winter green classic bridesmaid dress for winter wedding

2. Opt for Darker Shades
You can be bolder with your wedding colours in winter. Think Deep blues, rich burgundies, and forest greens these go hand and hand with the winter season. It is all about creating a contrast with the season and it its often cold icy and moody surroundings. Making bold darker colours really pop in your photos. imagine that moody highland loch with your bridal party all around you in a stunning forest green full-length bridesmaid gown

glamorous bridesmaid dress for winter wedding

3. Floor length Gowns
Whilst I mention it by opting for a floor length dress. These will offer an extra layer of warmth for your bridesmaids and also add a touch of class and elegance to your winter nuptials. The visual of a full gown really adds that extra something to your wedding style. Plus there will be a winner with your bridal party. consider going bolder with a cut-out back bridesmaid dress which adds a modern twist to a full-length gown. 

silk beautiful bridesmaid dress for winter wedding

4. Consider Sleeves
A winter wonderland wedding is beautiful but it can be very cold for the wedding party especially the bride and the bridesmaid. By having Sleeved bridesmaid dresses these can be stylish and practical options. Whether you opt for lace, sheer, or solid sleeves, they provide an added layer of warmth. This is better than seeing your bridesmaids walking around with a jacket over their beautiful dress you have paid for and spoiling the visual of your wedding.  

old fashioned glamour style bridesmaid dress for winter wedding
5. Metallic 
A winter wedding is the perfect time to incorporate some sparkle. Silver and gold accents on dresses can mimic the twinkling winter stars and the shimmer of fresh snow in photos. Metallic bridesmaid dresses are becoming increasingly popular for winter weddings and they add a touch of modernity with some old Hollywood glamour. 

Choosing bridesmaid dresses for a winter wedding doesn't mean compromising on style for comfort. I know you might be thinking it does but by choosing the right fabric, and colours.  Your bridal party can look elegant while staying warm. I hope this has helped you plan your winter wonderland wedding and helped you find the perfect bridesmaid dress that suits your style and personality.

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