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7 ways to plan a stress free wedding

Today. I want to talk about how to have the perfect wedding. It is supposed to be the best day of your life and you can spend up to two years stressing about it. I want to show you it doesn't need to be that way. I always get asked about our wedding. I was that stress-free the venue called me a few times asking why they hadn't heard from us. I feel I can help all you stressing brides out and show you how I achieved this. 
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1. The where. Where do YOU want to get married? Yes, I went there, where do you want to get married. A wedding is all about family and it can be super easy to get stuck in the politics of it all and giving up your dream for someones else. 

2. The venue, This plays a huge part in your big day in more ways than one. Firstly it has to look the way you want but most importantly you need to trust the wedding planner and other staff. They are all the people who will pull your wedding together. I love Suffolk and if I had a do over I would choose a wedding venue in Suffolk

I have fallen in love with Bedford lodge hotel & spa in Newmarket. This is a stunning 4-star traditional hotel with a contemporary twist. It is perfect. It has an amazing 2AA rosette restaurant called the Squires and a full spa. It really is the perfect venue. The rooms are just stunning. You need to go check it out. 

3. The Hotel wedding package. This is where all the stress can be taken out of your day. We choose a hotel that could organise most things for us. Yes, this is more expensive but it gave us the time to enjoy planning everything else. They took care of everything from flowers to the photographer. whilst we are talking photographer,  Don't forget to order your Custom wedding album so you can cherish the memories of your big day. 

 We just had to choose what we wanted and they did the rest. It really did take the stress out of it. 

4. The guest list. Now If I could go back in time I would have had about 50 people at our wedding. People I really care about not every Tom Dick and Harry. The wedding is about you as a couple joining together to become one. Not about throwing a huge expensive shindig you can't afford. You do not have to invite people because you are expected to. This is normally a huge stress when parents get involved as they want to invite everyone. I had people at my wedding I didn't like but did it to cause less stress. If only I could go back I would. 

5. The food. The food at a wedding is super important. You want the best meal of your life and you want everyone to love it. This is where the Bedford Lodge Hotel & Spa excel. You can have a full sit down dinner or what about a funky afternoon tea instead. You can relax and know your food will be amazing as they have a 2AA rosette restaurant. Not many restaurants have this claim to fame. I would always choose a hotel and restaurant that has a fantastic reputation. This is not where you take a gamble. 

6. Do not sweat the small stuff. I remember worrying about my wedding scent after far too many hours online one night. I had it in my head that the wedding needed a scent from scented candles. So when the guests smelled this scent again the would be transported back to our wedding. This is not a thing. Only one person told me it was a lovely touch and that was the wedding planner. Do not stress the small things. No one will remember your table decorations in much detail. 

7. Book a bridal spa package. I know what you are thinking about why. Well, wedding time is stressful and you need to relax and enjoy this special time. I booked one at the hotel, we got married in. Bedford lodge hotel & Spa have fantastic bridal spa packages. They have packages to suit every budget and style. Personally, I would have this one below. It is super important to take care of your skin before your big day. Facials are a must and most brides get there nails and tan done the day before the wedding. Plus who doesn't love a nice glass of fizz? 

Pre Wedding Prep Package: £150 – Period ESPA Personalised Facial or microdermabrasion, Jessica Prescriptive Manicure and Zen Spa Pedicure with Gel or Polish Full Body Salt and Oil Scrub or Kissed by Mii tan, Glass of Champagne.
I hope I have given you some great tips on how to take the stress out of your big day. 

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