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Funny things people say to bloggers

Hi everyone, 

How are you all? 

I thought I would do a post on the annoying and funny things people say to full-time bloggers. This is just a bit of fun. So don't take it too seriously. 

1. But what is your real job? 
Well, Sally. This is my real job. Which pays my bills.

2. I could do that. 
Yes after 5 years of hard work, earning nothing. I am sure you could create a blog and make money overnight. 

3. Wow, you get so much free stuff!
Define free? I have to spend hours researching, photographing and writing about this free stuff. 

4. So you don't really work then? 
I work about 10-15 hours on most days. If I am not writing or photographing. I am emailing and looking for opportunity Or doing my accounts and chasing invoices.  That's to name a few of the things I do daily 
So yes I don't work. 

5. But you don't live in London. 
Nope and most bloggers don't live in London. 

6. Do you know/ are you friends with Zoella? ( or insert famous bloggers name)
Of course, I DM her every day. She's my biggest fan ( rolls eyes)

7. But you're not famous? 
Nope, most bloggers are in the same boat as me.

8. So How many followers do you have? Millions? 
No Sally. I don't have millions of followers. But I get on fine. 

9. Blogging, do you mean youtube? 
Nope, I very rarely upload to youtube. 

10. But why would people pay you to do that?
For promotion Sally. I honestly don't have time or energy to answer this one.