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How to stay healthy behind your desk.

As you all know, I am kinda into fitness and health. ok, I am really into it.  I am the person my friends turn to ask about living a healthy life. Most of them complain that they work in an office and find it hard to get in enough exercise and living healthy. I constantly get asked how they can get healthier, whilst working behind their desks in an office environment. I thought this would be a great top tips post. So without, further ado here is my top tips to leading a healthy life in the office. 

1. Let's start at the start. How do you get to work? Drive? car pooling? Walk? Tube. If you drive. Why not try jumping on your bike for the commute once a week? If you are getting the bus or tube, why not get off a few stops early and walk the rest of the way. Not only will this get you out in the fresh air for some exercise, but this is also great to clear your mind and boost your productivity

2. Office design and layout is also super important. Have you ever head the phrase. Clean house, clean mind? This is the same principle at work and you can get creative with home office decor. If you work in chaos, you are less productive and organised. We have all had that one colleague who's desk makes you want to cry as its a pig sty. As it's that untidy.  There really is no excuse as there are loads of great places to get office furniture in London.  You have to think about your layout carefully. Not just wanting it to be convenient. If for instance, you know you will need to get up to go to the filing cabinet quite often. Why not move it to the end of the room. So you are stretching your legs and getting that much-needed break.
woman at standing desk in office
3. Your Workspace. Did you know you can get a height adjustable desk? These are amazing! We all spend far too many hours sitting behind a desk. These can be adjusted to a standing position. So you can work whilst stand to get the blood back flowing around the body. Sitting at a desk for long periods is the number one cause of back problems. The magic of these desks is you are fully in control of your working position and this gives you way more flexibility. 

4. Your body needs you to take a break from the computer every hour. I know what you are thinking But I am not saying have a huge break just get up walk around, get a glass of water, go to the printer Just get away from your desk and move a bit. This is not only beneficial to your body but it is also crucial for your eyesight. 

5. Eyesight. Did you know office workers should be getting there eyes tested more regularly? There have been numerous study to show that excessive exposer to computer screens can speed up the eyes natural ageing processes. It is always worth getting your eye checked. This can be the cause of headache migraines and even dizziness. Always worth keeping on to of your eyesight. 

6. Digital detox. I know I know, I went there. We live in the world of Facebook, Linkedin. Instagram. But it is super important to get offline. It is so easy to get sucked into the fake lives on the internet. Everyone is living a better life than you. They all have the biggest best houses, new cars, go to the gym every day, Have perfect bodies, yet you see then pigging out. This is not the real world. 
It is hard to not get sucked into the fakeness of it all and compare your life to theirs. No one's life is perfect. Digital detox is essential for your mental health. It gives your brain time to refocus and recharge. Honestly try it. I know I need these days to stay sane. 

7. Drink water. Did you know that afternoon headache you always get is 99% of the time caused but dehydration?  Up your fluid intake. This is not only vital to your overall health but your brain can not focus when it is dehydrated. 

8. Healthy eating, It is so easy when you work in the city to go out and grab lunch. I am not saying to not go out of the office. But I am saying to make better choices. If you are eating bad unhealthy food at lunch every day. This will take its toll on your mind and body. Remember you are what you eat. Ok, I hate that saying but I just mean your body needs nutrients to run. I like to think of my body as a machine. What I put in is what I get out. So if you're putting good nutrients you will get good results. I like to live but the 80% good diet and 20% more naughty treats. It seems to work for me but you have to find what works for you. 

I hope you liked these top tips.