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Where to spend a relaxing break in Suffolk

Today I want to talk about a relaxation break, I am going to be taking with my husband. As you know I love to travel but lately, I am running on empty. I need to stop and recharge and take a bit of a timeout. As a blogger, I spend 80% of the day online in one form or another and I really need to switch off from the world and relax. I love to do this type of break during the winter months.  As you know I am a mountain biker and this is the season that I am out on the bike the least. So lots of time to do my other passion, travelling. 

I am planning a nice break to Suffolk. Just my hubby and me. The dogs are staying at home. In my job, I am lucky and travel a lot but mostly it is just me.  We are both in need of a nice break. 

First I need to find accommodation, I am booking with suffolkcottageholidays.com They always have the best deals and the cottages are always out of this world. We have chosen Wentworth which is in Cretingham. This has everything I could ever want in a romantic break. It has a hot tub, free standing bath, fully stocked kitchen and living room. I love that the garden is enclosed, so no one sees you in the hot tub. Nothing worse than that run from the cottage door to the hot tub in our swimsuit. 

I love that the lodge is wooden though out. The decor is rustic and modern it gives me Scandinavian vibes. Wentworth is a home from home property. It has towels and bed linen provided. So no need to stress about bringing anything with you. Perfect. I plan on spending most of the time relaxing and chilling eating good food and using the hot tub. 

One of the reasons I choose Cretingham. Is there are so many things to do in the area. You may not know this about me but I love history. I love to visit museums and castles. Within 5 miles from this property is The market town of Framlingham.it has everything you could need from bars and cafes to a 12th century Castle.

Castle Framlingham is famous as the place Mary Tudor was named Queen. This may seem like a normal part of history but I need to tell you it was not. It was not common for a woman to become the ruling monarch. In France, at the time, they had a law that no woman could become a ruler. We had no such rule but the woman was still considered weak and unfit to rule. 

There was only one other case of this in previous history. When Henry 1 died, he named his more than capable daughter Matilda his heir. (she was the window of the holy roman emperor). Yes, she was more than capable of the role but was cruelly overthrow by her cousin Stephen and he was crowned king. After a long drawn out war. Which ended in a stalemate it was agreed that Stephan would remain king but that Matilda son would be the heir to the throne. This meaning Matilda did not take her rightful place on the throne. 

Mary Tudor had to retreat to Castle Framlingham to prepare her supporters and rally favour with the privy council. As the young ailing protestant King had named her cousin Lady Janes as heir, It is widely believed, he was heavily influenced by the infamous John Dudley to do this, as Lady Jane had married his son and he did not believe in Mary's Catholic views. Yes, the country was always going to have a Queen but Mary was defiantly the better choice rather than Lady Jane who was heavily influenced by Dudley. 

Luckily Mary won favour and was named Queen. Thus a huge achievement in British history was made and this is the reason I want to go and see this castle. Every castle has a story but this one has a fantastic and empowering one. If it wasn't for Mary Tudor would we have had so many strong woman rulers? Like our Current Queen Elizabeth. 

Don't worry if you are not a history buff like me, Suffolk has Amazing walks like Felixstowe seafront gardens to Denes beach. There are loads of things to do and see. If you fancy getting the adrenaline pumping why not try skydiving?