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What do we know about processed meat?

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I try to stay up to date with fitness and nutrition advice. Lately, I have been reading a lot about processed meat. I have just read this really interesting article from HARTMANN Direct about this topic. They have released a really informative infographic about it. I will pop this in below. 

So what is processed meat? Basically, it is a meat product that you more than likely eat every day that has gone through some kind of preparation before it hit the supermarkets. Meats like bacon, sausages and hot dogs. 

Why is this a bad choice? Processed meat goes through many stages of preparation before we get it on our plates. This is normally in the form of additives.  There are all kinds of additives, ones to add extra shelf life to a product to ones to make it look prettier.   Salt is one such additive to make the meat last longer. As it removes excess water. Making the meat last longer. As we cook and eat the meat we, in turn, eat the salt. We all know that too much salt can lead to health conditions. 

Lately, there have been many studies, which link processed meat to chronic illnesses such as some cancers, high blood pressure and heart disease to name a few. 

What can we do to combat this? 
Well, more than you would think. What about getting your meat from a local butcher. This is a great way to cut out the extra processing of meat. Yes, the meat will not last as long but the quality of meat you are consuming is better. Do your research pick a butcher who also has there own farm this giving you a complete field to plate trail. Not only will you be eating better but you will be helping your local community. 

What about cutting down the amount of processed meat you eat in a week. You can bulk out many meals with extra vegetables. I always add things like chickpeas and bean to my spaghetti bolognese and lasagna. There are also lots of meat alternative like tofu and Quorn. Just remember to check the label for how much salt is added to any meat or meat alternative you use. I think it is time we all took a look at what is really in the food we eat. This could help us fend off a number of illnesses. It is worth the extra couple of minutes checking labels if this is the outcome. Hartmann direct really have given me food for thought. Sorry, I couldn't resist the pun. 


Processed Meat and The Impact It Has On The Body infographicMissLJBeauty